When is the Right Time to Start Something New?

Most of us have ideas of things we’d love to do to improve our health and our lives, but finding the right time and the motivation to start is another thing altogether.

I am an ideas person and I am continually having thoughts about how I’d like to improve in my health / energy / business / home / relationships / confidence etc. etc. I’ve also had a lot of practice at putting off getting started on these ideas. Over the years I’ve developed an ideas-implementation strategy.

The Sign

A sure sign for me that the time is right is when I get a buzzy feeling of nervousness and excitement about putting the idea into action. All the best things I have ever done come with this feeling; trying high raw and doing a raw food programme for the first time, doing a triathlon, getting married, getting a cleaner, going to Arizona to do a VERY expensive self-development course, going on a two year honeymoon to travel the Americas in a campervan. Big or small, the best things I’ve said “Yes” to have all given me this feeling. I used to think it was a bad feeling and I let it hold me back. Now I know it is the best feeling, because it means I am stepping into a braver and more self-loving version of myself.

The Strategy

So, when is the right time to put ideas into action? This is how I decide…

  1. How much do I think about the idea/change/course/retreat I want to do?
  2. If I say “Yes” to the idea and it goes really well, how much will it enhance my experience of myself and life?
  3. How excited do I feel if I imagine myself living out the idea? On a score of 1 – 10, where 10 is ‘totally!’ and 1 is ‘not at all’.
  4. Am I making excuses not to do it because I am actually a bit nervous of the change, or of failing?
  5. Is it really true that I can’t overcome the obstacles that are stopping me from saying “Yes” to the idea?
  6. Do I need support to make the idea happen and help me get over my nervousness?

Just Do It!

We intuitively know what will be good for us. And yet it takes courage to say “Yes” and to go for it.
If you find it difficult to put ideas into action then invest in support so you can become the person you dream of being, living the life you want. It continues to work for me, and I highly recommend it!

4 Responses

  1. Maureen
    | Reply

    Thanks Saskia

    This was the message I needed to hear this morning. Recently I have been floating between fear of failure, and not being good enough AND let’s do this now, of course it is the right thing to do!

    As I write this I am getting that buzzing feeling in my body – so the time is right 🙂

    Huge hugs


    • Saskia
      | Reply

      I’m so pleased, Maureen! I was actually thinking of you and your dream as I was writing this post 🙂 We are doing it, lady! xxx

  2. Dawn
    | Reply

    Hi Saskia

    GORGEOUSSSSS strategy!! Definitely keeping that one close.

    Happy travels and speak soon 🙂

    Dawn Xx

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