What is Detox and Why is it Important? Part 3 – Spiritual Detox Explained

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To get an idea of what Spiritual Detox is, I first need to explain what I mean by ‘spiritual’ in the first place. You may think that you don’t have a spiritual bone in your body. You may feel that you are entirely made up of ‘spirit’ or that you are deeply connected with God or which ever deity/energetic manifestation you believe in. I’m not a religious person, but I am deeply spiritual. I believe and respect that people need to be in touch with their spirituality, in whatever form that manifests for them. Spirituality is your conscious or unconscious connection to something greater than yourself, whether it be mother Earth, the collective conscious or Allah. It is ‘of the spirit’ as opposed to ‘of physical matter’.

Whether we want it or not, we are all tethered to the spiritual plane. Getting a clear line of communication between you and your spirit will enhance your life dramatically. This doesn’t mean choosing a religion or suddenly getting into meditation, it just means developing an awareness of how spirituality manifests for you.

Emotions linked to spirituality are joy, inspiration, creativity, peace, empathy, and generosity. So, if you’re NOT experiencing these expressions of spirit on a daily basis (and presuming that you’d like to) it’s time for a spiritual cleanse, otherwise known as a detox of the spirit. Raw food, of course, goes a long way to naturally clearing energetic blocks of all kinds, including spiritual blocks. It allows you to experience the spiritual emotions more easily and motivates you to start introducing more ‘spiritual practices’ into your life (see the list below for some examples).

Here’s some more ways to tell if your spirit needs some TLC…

1) Do you spend at least 1 hour every week on your own doing something that you love and that makes you feel peaceful?

2) Do you express yourself creatively for fun?

3) Do you regularly attend events that make you feel more in touch and at peace with yourself?

4) Do you walk in nature at least once a week?

5) Do you often spend quality time with your loved ones?

If your answer is ‘no’ to any of these, then you are probably out of balance with one or more aspects of your spiritual life. Feeding these areas will radically improve how connected you feel with yourself and how much you enjoy your life. The more space you create for this kind of soul-food, the clearer the channel to your spirituality will be and the more effortlessly your life will flow, with joy and inspiration as your guiding lights. Let the journey continue!

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