What is Detox and Why is it Important? Part 2 – Emotional Detox

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We all have ups and downs emotionally, and we usually accept this as part of normal life. Some of us get sadder than others and some of us get happier than others.  These opposite ends of the spectrum are both effected by eating a raw food diet, which naturally detoxes your system, physically and emotionally.  As you start to detox on a raw food diet you may well experience waves of sadness, anger and frustration as you release stored up emotions.  You will also experience happiness unlike you have experienced for years, possibly since early childhood.  When you cleanse through raw food it’s as if the channels to happiness, joy and inspiration are cleared, allowing you to tap into these wonderful emotions more easily.  Sadness, anger and frustration ease away, and you are left feeling emotionally balanced.

Do you regularly experience stress?

Are you overwhelmed with how much you have to do?

Are you dissatisfied with your life or your relationship?

Stress, overwhelm, depression, anxiety, dissatisfaction, hurt and anger are frequently part of our emotional landscape.  These states are often caused by the way that we talk to ourselves in our heads, the way we allow others to talk to us and by the pressure that we put on ourselves.  These emotional states are all toxic.  They are causing the corrosion of your inner confidence, intuition, and stopping you from fulfilling your divine potential, as well as causing an acidic state within your body that can effect your immune system and your therefore your physical health and wellbeing.  An acidic state of being causes you to age, be less emotionally stable and and whole host of other physically debilitating side effects.

We can often blame others for our emotional state, but I’m here to tell you that you can reclaim your power by taking responsibility for creating an environment that fosters these less than helpful states of mind for yourself.  Now, what I’m going to say may sound overly simplistic, but these are examples of basic personal-power reclamation.  If you’re job is stressful, talk to your boss about having less work, or change your job.  If your relationship is causing you stress, have couples counselling.  If your family are causing you stress, work out what aspects are worst and ask them to pull their weight.

Detoxing your mind is about letting go of and/or transforming negative ways of thinking and interacting with others so that we can be free to express ourselves FULLY and confidently as who we truly are.  It’s one of the miraculous ‘side effects’ of eating a raw diet that you find it easier than ever before to become aware of the negative influences in your life, including your influence on yourself (your internal voice).  Greater emotional balance is a common result of eating raw food.  Hurray!

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