What is Detox and Why is it Important? Part 1 – Your Body

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Physical Detox

We all long for happiness, a sense of peace in our hearts and a vitality in our bodies that reflects how well and healthy we are. If you’re reading this it’s most likely because you crave more of this and want to know how to achieve it.

The raw food diet is naturally detoxing so, by eating a high raw diet you’re naturally eating a detox diet everyday. My philosophy and teaching is all around detoxing the body, mind AND spirit so that you can have the emotional balance, joy and physical energy to live the life you want. Over the next 2 issues I’ll be writing about Mental and Spiritual Detox, but I’m starting with Physical Detox because I believe that a detoxed body is the foundation from which the Mind and the Spirit can rise like a phoenix into a new era of deep joy and connection with ourselves and our planet.

So, you may well ask, why is it so important to detox ourselves in this way? And what does it mean, ‘Physical Detox’?

1) Physical Detox = detoxing the body

During our daily lives our bodies are naturally processing toxins that are around us; in the air that we breath (that includes natural toxins, like pollen and dust, as well as the more obvious things like car fumes), the food that we eat and the liquids that we drink.

AND our bodies are naturally processing these toxins out of our bodies as fast as they can, so that they don’t poison us and kill us off. Our bodies are AMAZING in the way that they are continually keeping us in state of homeostasis (physiological balance) so that we can live despite the toxins that are a part of daily life on planet earth.

Because our Western lives are so polluted, your body is putting a vast amount of it’s energy into trying to process these toxins. Your body either manages to process these toxins out of your body through your eliminatory organs (skin, kidneys, liver, tongue etc.) or stashes them somewhere in your body where they can’t cause life-threatening damage (your fat cells, intercellular fluid etc.).

Physical detox is all about putting less toxic strain on your body so that, instead of fire-fighting damaging toxins all the time, it can put it’s energy into proactively regenerating and cleansing your body. And this is why, when you eat a high raw diet, you have more energy, look younger, loose toxic fat from your body, aches and pains in your joints stop and you get far far fewer colds and illnesses because your immune system is stronger. You can’t detox overnight; it’s a continual and pro-active lifestyle, but you feel the benefits everyday once you begin.

Hurray for Physical Detox!

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