This Week’s Video: Is Raw Harder to Digest than Cooked?

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I’ve just discovered the hugely successful coach Anthony Robbins, and, although his enthusiasm is at times bordering on the irritating, what he has to say rings so many bells for me.  Getting the balance right in our lives, between love, work, self-care and having a sense of purpose, can be a life-long endeavor.

In an attempt to get that balance right, Mark and I are planning our 2 year trip starting in September.  For those of you who don’t know yet, the trip we are planning is a 2 year journey from Canada to Patagonia, Argentina, by campervan.  Last weekend we actually bought our campervan, which is totally exciting 🙂 (Photos coming soon!)  Between now and when we leave, we will be packing up the campervan with stuff from our home, before shipping it across to the East coast of Canada.  Mark and I are going to keep a blog about our adventures so you’ll be able to follow along if you fancy 🙂  Raw on the road!

Today’s vid is another one from my private archives, and it answers that common questions “Is raw food harder to digest than cooked food?”.  Knowing what to do when your digestion isn’t always happy is essential for reaping the long term rewards of energy and vibrant health that we all deserve.  Enjoy!

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    Just watched your video. GREAT. x

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