The Raw Interview: with Raw Chef and Lifestyle TV Host Sheree Clark!

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Sheree Clark

An inspiring author, television show host, health coach, motivator and raw vegan chef, Sheree Clark has written and presented on topics ranging from creative direct mail design to raw food 101 to overcoming career burnout. Currently she hosts Fork in the Road with Sheree Clark, a weekly show, while continuing to carry a full load of private practice health and nutrition clients. In her personal time, Sheree is an avid collector of vintage clothing, jewelry, and accessories, and owns over 200 handbags from the mid 20th century.

In our interview Sheree talks about her journey with raw food and shares her top  tips for anyone interested in the raw food lifestyle.  Enjoy watching!

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  1. mark
    | Reply

    hi – great info

  2. Raylee Melton
    | Reply

    Great video! There was a lot of really helpful tips!

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