The Raw Interview: with Corrina Gordon-Barnes

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When I first came across marketing teacher and self-employed business guru Corrina Gordon-Barnes, one of the things that drew me to her was that she said she was into raw food on her website ‘about’ page.  “Great!”, I thought.  Someone who can teach me about marketing AND understands where I’m coming from.  I did Corrina’s ‘Turn Your Passion to Profit’ programme a couple of years ago, and ever since I’ve been dying to ask her more about her raw food journey.  In our interview we talk about making the choice to go vegan, the concept of ‘calm food’, how much cooked food we actually both eat, tips for making raw food prep faster and a whole load more!  And Corrina shares more about turning your passion to profit 🙂  She’s one inspiring lady!

What do you think?

If you feel inspired by today’s video or have any questions, please leave a reply at the bottom of the page  :).  I love to hear from you!  x

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  1. Diane
    | Reply

    Sorry Saskia, but I can’t see the video link for Corrinas interview – is it me?

  2. Charlie
    | Reply

    I JUST absolutely LOVED this video blog interview with Corrina..

    I have so many more questions about the raw, but love the fact you both don’t do it ALL the time, so the pressure to be whole raw was not there in this interview..

    U both looked so happy too.

    Will definitely look to come along and research more via your blog.

    So many “lightbulb’ moments in there..

    Thank you for sharing x

    • Saskia
      | Reply

      I’m so glad you enjoyed it Charlie! There’s so much more to discover too, so enjoy exploring 🙂 x

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