The Woman is Back!

The Woman is Back!

The Trials and Tribulations of Re-Acclimatisation

Saskia on the beach

I’m finally getting back to writing blog posts!!  I’ve been a bit off the radar recently – lots of logistical shenanigans with shipping Hanna the Hymer back to the UK, enjoying the last few weeks of tropical paradise in Costa Rica and then trying to get used to being back in the homeland. I feel like I’ve been in a tumble drier!


21 Months, 9 Countries

And… Wow! What an epic travelling adventure it’s been – both physically and emotionally, externally and internally – for almost 2 years!

  • 21 months.
  • 10 countries.
  • 11 border crossings.
  • 35,000 kilometers / 22,000 miles in 1 German motorhome.
  • Mountains; waterfalls; ; winter wonderland snow; glaciers; lakes; deserts; the Pacific Ocean; the Caribbean Ocean; golden sand beaches; black sand beaches; jungle; -15 C; +42 C; monkeys, sloths, toucans, macaws, giant blue butterflies, grey whales, dolphins, octopus, eagle rays, turtles, lion fish, moray eels.
  • Many months of being broken down.
  • New friends from all walks of life and all continents.
  • Learning Spanish.
  • Indigenous weaving and farming.
  • Living in a bikini and shorts, and actually feeling my sexiest ever, at 43!
  • and many other fabulous experiences and challenges!!  It certainly hasn’t been boring 😉

It feels surreal to be back after such a long time of being on the road. I’m now living in Devon, finding my bearings and feeling into the next chapter of life. Luckily for me I’ve landed in British paradise!

Devon Heaven

It’s Been Emotional

I’ve been so excited about seeing my family after such a long time away. One thing I’d forgotten about was the VERY old pattern of emotional comfort eating that I do around my family. Something deep and uncomfortably subconscious happens if I’m not looking out for it, and before I know it I’m binging on chocolate (Booja Booja!) and stuffing myself with starchy foods.


New Perspectives with Success!!

Whilst I’ve been away I’ve been in the privileged position of having the time and mental space to delve more deeply into understanding and healing my emotional eating habits. I was determined to overcome the painful patterns that rear their ugly heads when I least need them. I’m pleased to say the work continues to pay off more and more 🙂

Being away for so long has given me a new perspective on all this stuff, and I’ve been really pleased with how much more quickly I got my eating back under control around the family.  It happened before I piled on the weight and, after a few weeks of wielding the birch stick, I’m feeling happy in my skin once again. I pulled it back in record time. Phew!!


Time and Space to Dig Deep

We rarely provide the opportunity for ourselves to dig deep and get to know our darkest corners, but the darkest corners are where the juice is in life.  When we have the courage to go looking with our flaming torch (or sputtering candle) held high, this is where the greatest rewards lie. It ain’t always comfortable, but it’s always worth it.

To celebrate my return, and to offer an opportunity for growth and transformation with the struggle that so many of us have around emotional eating, I’ll be running the powerful Overcoming Emotional Eating Programme, starting in July.


A Nurturing Journey, Together

This supportive and nurturing group journey is for all us women who find ourselves returning to battle with our daily food choices.  Overcoming Emotional Eating is about pulling the sad weeds of destructive eating out by the roots, and planting flowers of peace in their place. It’s about learning to be consciously loving so we can cherish ourselves and be the role models we want to be for our daughters, friends, partners and parents.  This is my first programme since arriving home and I CANNOT wait to guide another gorgeous group of brave women through these 8 weeks of raw food, deep nurturing and personal growth.

If you’re feeling inspired to join us, find out more here.



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