The Self Loving Approach to Raw Food

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If you’re eating raw food already, or thinking that you want to start eating more raw food, then you’re already expressing a greater level of self care than many people.  Eating raw food in itself is self-loving.  It’s one big step towards loving yourself enough to give yourself what you need to be healthy and happy.  I wanted to write about the ‘Self-Loving Approach’ because deciding to eat raw is one self-loving step that naturally reveals many more self-loving steps in your life.  Continuing to eat raw food AND be kind to yourself is the next level to achieve.  What happens for the vast majority of people when they start eating raw food is that they start off with enthusiasm and energy (as with most ‘diets’), wanting to experience the amazing benefits of eating raw.  Then, after a while,  things start going a bit pear shaped.  I slice of toast here, a piece of cheese there suddenly turns into bread and ice cream (though not necessarily in the same meal!).  You may find yourself yoyo-ing between cooked and raw or going through phases of eating mostly cooked food again.  This is totally normal if you are learning to eat a high raw diet on your own, without someone to help you assimilate the emotional aspects of changing your diet and cellular vibration in this way.  The unfamiliarity of the ‘raw state of mind’ can get people feeling confused, knowing that raw food makes so much sense but battling with social pressures, food addictions and changing identity.  Most people will feel amazing on one level and unsure on another level, because they don’t know how to assimilate the physical, emotional and spiritual changes that are occurring in them.

For some it can be only a few days of eating raw food before this begins to happen and for others a number of months, but most of us on the raw food journey will experience this on and off for years as we shift and improve our physical, emotional and spiritual health.  Old emotions and self-perceptions will put up a fight before they leave, sometimes making us feel like we’re fighting a losing battle.  But then the strength and positivity we get from eating raw food wins out and we can say goodbye to old patterns and limiting identities, like shedding a skin, and reveal a cleaner, more balanced and peaceful version of ourselves, as well as a slimmer, younger more energetic version of ourselves.

So, the self-loving approach is all about understanding that your relationship with raw food contains greater potential for self-understanding and personal growth than you might first expect.  If you are not careful, what starts out as a self-loving act, deciding to eat raw food, can turn into another reason to tell yourself you’re not doing it right or that you’re failing.  The true learning comes from being able to be gentle and forgiving with yourself every time you find yourself eating something you think you ‘shouldn’t’.  This divergence from the raw path as a trigger to remind yourself that you are learning to be self-loving, not just around food but with all your thoughts and actions.  It tends to be our natural predisposition to think badly of ourselves, to punish ourselves when we ‘eat unhealthily’ and to focus on what we aren’t doing rather than what we have done and are doing to help ourselves.  My work, when I’m coaching and teaching, is all about giving people the support they need to be able to integrate the positive changes that are happening as they eat more raw food, using the clarity of mind and emotional honesty that raw food brings to help them get closer to their ultimate happiness and fulfilment.  This doesn’t happen overnight, but with each illumination, with each new self-loving habit that you manage to instigate, with each negative thought pattern you let go of, you feel lighter of spirit and closer to living your full and shining potential.  I know this stuff works, from my own personal experience and through watching my clients become more and more alive in themselves.  So every time you think it’s too hard to start or want to give up, just slow down a little and be gentle with yourself.  If you haven’t started eating raw, start gently introducing more raw rather than ‘going raw’.  If you’re already ‘raw’ but find yourself yoyo-ing, eat raw with a little more cooked food, but try and make it healthy cooked food.  And slowly but surely you will naturally want to eat more and more raw because you’re taking the self-loving approach to raw food.

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