The Role of Inspiration and Curiosity in Staying Healthy

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Eating lots of raw food is great for your health and long-term wellbeing.  You wouldn’t be reading this if you weren’t at least intrigued by the health potential of eating a high raw food diet, and you may already be eating some or a lot of raw food.  But keeping the raw food motivation going can be a challenge as you come up against your psychology and the psychology of those around you.  When you’re eating raw food you are getting rid of the rubbish in your body and you are evolving within yourself, body, mind and spirit.  This kind of personal work is powerful, challenging and rewarding beyond measure.

This article is dealing specifically with how to keep excited about your raw journey, not just now but for years to come.  Once the initial excitement of discovering how amazing you feel on raw food is no longer a novelty (and, in fact, you’ve forgotten how lacking in energy and vitality you used to feel when you ate a cooked diet), the motivation to continue with this lifestyle can wane.  You are not alone if you’ve experienced this!  I’ve experienced it and most people I know who eat raw food have also experienced it.  The challenge at this point is that mentally you know you want to keep eating raw food because it makes so much sense but you find yourself eating more and more cooked food despite your logic.

The raw food journey is just that – a journey.  It takes you to beautiful places.  Some of the hills are really steep but, boy, the views at the top are worth every bit of effort you made to get there.  And the views just keep getting better.  Remaining curious about yourself and the way you relate to the world through food is one of the key factors to long term success with raw food, as is keeping inspired.  Every time you crave or eat chocolate or pasta, remain open and curious to what your emotional and physical triggers are.  When you ate that cooked food were you hungry, tired, angry, upset?  And then work out how to be prepared for such outcomes in the future.  Always have snacks for when you’re tired and hungry and so that you continue to eat the raw food that allows you to process emotion rather than numbing it with cooked food.  It’s common to find yourself eating a few core raw food meals that you onced loved and are now bored with.  Book a weekend of raw food experimentation and get out your raw recipe books, get onto to look for recipes and youtube to look for raw recipe videos.  Book yourself on a retreat or a raw food workshop, organise a raw food dinner party or pot luck with friends.  Keeping inspired and excited about the food that you eat is vital to the continuing development of your healthy relationship with food.  If you ignore this aspect, you are ignoring an integral aspect of your life that can bring you great pleasure and enjoyment.  We have to eat to survive so you might as well love every minute of it!  Make your raw dishes look pretty and appetising and be curious about trying new recipes regularly.

Being curious and inspired is important in all aspects of life so that we can be open to the full breadth of life’s offerings.  If we are healthy in our bodies, minds and spirits we experience life in technicolor.  If we aren’t healthy our experience of life loses it’s colour and fades.  Our enjoyment and engagement with life diminishes.  Curiosity and inspiration are innocent and child-like qualities that we need to cultivate for a happy and fulfilling life, so go out and get inspired today.

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