The Mind-Body-Soul Connection to Weight Loss

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So many of us are unhappy with our weight, yoyo dieting and attempting (usually unsuccessfully) to take more regular exercise.  This way of trying to lose weight is a wholly valid, but incomplete, way  to look at weight loss.  It doesn’t take into consideration the emotional and spiritual reasons why people carry more weight than they’d like to.


Not feeling good about your weight is a very debilitating state to live in.  It effects confidence on multiple levels, from how attractive and sexy you feel to how confident you are in the workplace.  Most people try to take-on their weight issues from the mainstream perspective, finding that they yoyo between diets and going to the gym/not going to the gym.  Without looking at the emotional and spiritual aspects of why it’s so hard to maintain weight loss it’s very difficult to solve the problem once and for all.

Your inner world

If you think about excess weight in its physical form, it literally forms a soft, thick protective layer around the core of your being.  Holding onto weight is a protective mechanism, forming a cushioning, physical and energetic barrier between you and the world.  We put on weight when we eat too much or we eat the wrong foods, both of which numb us emotionally.  Just think about how sleepy/disconnected you feel after a big cooked meal.  Being sensitive usually leads to weight issues because we use food, alcohol and cigarettes as painkillers for our emotions.  This way of handling difficult emotions only masks the pain rather than allowing you to learn how to deal with the cause of the pain pro-actively.

From the inside out

My whole philosophy on how to get happy in life is based on the premise that working from the inside out, from your inner being to your outer being, is the only way to long-lasting change.  Whilst we focus on our exterior being, trying to make it look ‘better’, we neglect our inner life.  Our emotional and spiritual landscape may look like a wasteland full of rubbish, but we still ignore it and focus on trying to lose weight through dieting, improve our skin with creams and make-up, buying clothes and jewellery to make ourselves look better, only on the outside.

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