What’s So Great About Green Smoothies?

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Blender - Green Smoothie

With the majority of us living such busy lifestyles, energy is something that we often find ourselves lacking in. We know we should be making healthier choices when it comes to what we eat and drink, yet we still find ourselves reaching for cups of coffee, fizzy drinks, and sugary processed foods. Whilst such foods may provide us with a burst of energy in the short-term, this buzz is inevitably followed by an energy crash and we’re often left feeling even worse than before.

A healthy way to easy energy

Luckily for us, there is a super healthy and easy way of giving ourselves more energy, without reaching for sugar-filled food and drink.

Green smoothies are the perfect high vitamin and mineral energy boost. Not only are they absolutely delicious, but they’re also amazingly good for you. They’re bio-available, which means they’re easy for your body to absorb, allowing you to benefit from the maximum amount of nutritional goodness. They’re also high in chlorophyll, which converts sunlight into usable energy, and packed full of live enzymes that help the body’s digestive process.

So much choice!

So, what kind of greens can you put in a green smoothie? Well, there are so many combinations and flavours that you can try, it’s a great opportunity to experiment and find out which works best for you. You can use kale, spinach, chard, pak choi, alfalfa sprouts, broccoli and/or lettuce and then try adding different herbs such as basil, parsley or coriander to add extra pizzazz. It’s always good to try different combinations of ingredients rather than sticking to the same one or two, in order to get a good spectrum of vitamins and nutrients.

Perfect for when you’re on the run

If smoothies really aren’t your thing, you can also try making green soups or juices instead. The beauty is that whichever one you choose, they’re all incredibly quick to make – it’s literally just a case of blend and go! So, if you’re in a hurry and only have five minutes to spare, they’re a great way of getting all the vitamins and minerals your body needs without sacrificing time you don’t have to spare. You can take green smoothies and soups to work in a flask with a couple of cubes of ice, giving you have an instant alternative to coffee and processed snacks when your energy starts to slump mid-morning or mid-afternoon.

A simple change can make all the difference

Delicious, nutritious and unbelievably easy to prepare, the green smoothie proves that making fabulously healthy choices that benefit you on every level really doesn’t have to be as difficult or as time consuming as you might think. Drink a pint of green smoothie a day and, by making just this one change to your daily routine, you’ll see a change in your energy levels and feeling of vitality. Let your natural sparkle and inner vitality shine through!

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