The 3 Most Toxic Emotional Responses and How to Overcome Them


The 3 Most Toxic Emotional Responses

and How to Overcome Them

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Food and Emotions

We all have moments when we feel emotionally overwhelmed. We usually put it down to feeling tired or run-down, or to external circumstances, without realising that our diets play a MAJOR roll in our emotional states. What we eat effects our minds and bodies – the importance of good nutrition for mental health is becoming more and more acknowledged by the mainstream medical community.


When we make healthy food choices, we feel vibrant and energised. But when we eat too many unhealthy foods this causes a toxic-build up in the body, which affects our physical health and makes us more prone to toxic emotional responses.


Toxic Emotions

The three most common toxic emotional responses are stress, anger and fear.  But how can we tell a toxic emotion from a healthy one? Emotions are a natural and healthy reaction to what’s going on around us. However, when these emotions seem to come out of nowhere, or if we find ourselves experiencing stress, anger and/or fear a lot of the time, this is often a sign that our bodies as well as our lives are suffering from toxic overload and imbalance.

When our diet is effecting us emotionally, we are more sensitive and have strong emotional reactions that knock us emotionally off balance. The key to dealing with toxic emotions is first being able to recognise when and why they are happening. Once we have done this, we can then start taking active steps to overcome them:


1. Stress

Sugar, alcohol, gluten and caffeine are the 4 main culprits for causing us to feel more stressed than we need to. If you are feeling stressed or overwhelmed, do yourself a huge favour and cut them out for a month and see just how much calmer and more in control you feel.

Meditation is also a fantastic way of finding calm and clarity when we are in the grip of a toxic emotion such as stress. It’s a powerful way of cleansing both body and mind, and gives us space in our day to feel balanced and relaxed.


2. Anger

Anger is most commonly linked to an overloaded liver. If you find yourself getting more angry with your kids, partner or work colleagues than you would like to, it’s time to be kind and loving to your liver. Radically cut down (or cut out) alcohol, caffeine, fried foods and dairy products. Once you feel less agitated, you’ll notice everyone else around you will start being calmer too.

Drinking plenty of water and eating water-rich foods is one of the best ways to rid our bodies of toxins (i.e. eat more raw food!). It not only makes us feel healthier and more energised but also keeps us hydrated, so we are less prone to feeling angry and irritable.


3. Fear

Fear is incredibly related to imbalance and toxicity in the body. Sugar is one of the major promoters of fear and lack of self-confidence. If you’ve ever detoxed for a significant amount of time, did you notice how much more confident and happy you felt by the end of it? This is something that many of my detoxers have mentioned, and it’s totally related to less toxic overload, getting more vitamins and minerals in your diet and better blood sugar balance from eating healthily.


Certain foods promote detoxification and have a natural cleansing effect on the body. Including lots of fresh, organic fruit and veg in our diets gives us the fuel we need to be able to balance out our moods and stop feelings of fear, stress and anger from overwhelming us. Be kind to yourself and fuel your body with the best food possible!



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