Raw Food Testimonials

People’s personal raw food stories and testimonials are the best way to gauge for yourself if raw food is something you need and want in your life.

Below you can read what my clients have experienced through Raw Freedom’s coaching programmes and live events. Their raw food stories are inspirational and give you an opportunity to see what the Raw Freedom experience of raw food could do for you.

My own raw food story and the raw food stories of my clients is what inspires me every day to lead a consciously healthy lifestyle.


Raw Food Testimonials for Raw Freedom’s Love Life Raw Programme (One To One Coaching)

Debs Stanley, Massage Therapist

“I have never felt so radiant, revitalised, and connected, so in my truth, in my skin and excited about my life.”

“Coaching with Saskia set me off on an incredible journey of self-empowerment. Saskia coached me towards real clarity, inspiring me to take back my power, to spread my wings and shine and to really become the best of myself – to move my life forwards, to live the life I imagined. I was able to shift with ease and grace some deep, old limiting life-patterns. Saskia was really there for me, encouraging me and gently guiding me to push beyond my boundaries and triumph over any obstacles as they surfaced.”

Debs Stanley, Massage Therapist
Love Life Raw Programme

Serena Henderson, Writer & Grandmother

“At 61 it really has turned around my world.”

“The combination of raw food and life guidance are to me a potent combination – one for the mind and spirit, the other for the body and spirit. The Raw food seemed to level out any irrational moodiness and negative emotions and gave me a real clarity which was and is very exciting. I was enormously complemented on how I looked and that I seemed so much younger. And now, even a year later when I have deviated from the raw rood life style, I am still being told how well I look. My weight has stayed down and my energy up. What I love about eating raw food is that I need less sleep and have great energy. This whole new lifestyle is, to me, full of potential which I find very exciting.”

“My coaching sessions with Saskia were exactly what I needed for a writing career as well as so much else. I lacked discipline and focus and she put me back on track; I ended up with a routine that made my day so much richer and I had an enormous sense of achievement and satisfaction. Saskia’s innate wisdom and guidance took me places that I hadn’t imagined possible and it is surely a testimonial that a year later I want to do the whole thing all over again.”

“I highly recommend Saskia and Raw Freedom if you want your life to open up new roads into a world as yet unknown to you.”

Serena Henderson, Writer & Grandmother
Love Life Raw Programme

Jenni Gardner, Ecologist

“I feel fantastic! When I look back to the beginning, and think about how much my life has changed, I just can’t believe it. With Saskia’s help I have found my power, learnt to trust my intuition and have made the transition into a new era of happiness and wellbeing.”

“I was in an extremely stressful job with an equally hectic social life. I had no time to stop and rest. Saskia supported me in making the changes necessary to carve out this space and to step into a life I really want, and to have the confidence and courage to do it with both feet! Where as I used to feet bad about myself, I now feel comfortable in my own skin! I had chronic fatigue which has almost entirely gone, my skin is better and to top it all – I have lost weight. I feel fantastic!”

Raw Food coaching with Saskia has changed my life!”

Jenni Gardner, Ecologist
Love Life Raw Programme

Nicola Renovich, MD, The Haven Natural Health Clinic

“Saskia helped me figure out exactly how to arrange my time.”

“Doing the full 3 month course with coaching was great as it was enough time to get completely set up with all the right equipment. I learnt tonnes of new recipes and I especially love knowing how to make raw chocolate mousse and healthy ice cream now.”

“The coaching calls around time management and money were really helpful, especially in terms of structuring my daily routine. Having a weekly phone call motivated me to try lots of new things so that I could talk to Saskia about them and ask her questions to get the most out of the programme.”

“I love knowing that I can make healthy raw delicious food quickly now whenever I want and if I decide to go raw for a few weeks or months or decide to detox or to lose weight I know exactly how to go about it in a really healthy effective way and am completely set up to do it.”

Nicola Renovich, MD, The Haven Natural Health Clinic
Love Life Raw Programme

Alison Finn, Colonic Hydrotherapist

“I loved how Saskia’s coaching style was validating, encouraging, accepting, gentle and very compassionate.”

“I wanted to work with a raw food coach to get re-inspired to eat more raw food and to get support in doing what I know is good for me but struggle to put into practice.”

“Now that I’ve completed the programme, I feel much more in control of my life and my eating. I have Good energy and feeling of inner strength. My poor eating patterns are much improved, I feel inspired to make food which is really good for me. I now spend much more time caring properly for myself, and not always putting everyone else’s needs first. I have an exercise programme in place and I feel able to make good choices.”

“Raw food gives you more energy, vitality and feeling of wellbeing than can ever be imagined unless you have tried it!”

Alison Finn, Colonic Hydrotherapist
Love Life Raw Programme

Lily Gleave, Song Writer

“Raw food has been an incredible discovery for me and one that I am eager to share; I want everyone I love to be able to feel this good!”

“I loved the 12 week course. It gave me so, so much more than I’d expected; I felt lighter, brighter and so much clearer in all aspects of my life, and the benefits were almost immediately obvious. The weight just fell off me without me ever being hungry, and I ate so much raw chocolate and ice cream! I feel good in my skin, in a way that I don’t think I ever have before.”

“Saskia’s coaching helped me to unlock fears and create new paths, not just with food but in my entire life. I cannot express how invaluable the weekly sessions were for me, I don’t think I would be where I am now without them. I felt very supported, not just around raw food but on many levels. Saskia’s coaching is truly holistic”

Lily Gleave, Song Writer
Love Life Raw Programme

Emma Palmer-Hunter, Swimming Instructor & Mum

“If you want to make a life changing and incredibly empowering journey then do The Raw Freedom Detox!”

“I decided to do the Raw Freedom Detox because I felt like I needed a big change in my life, and needed support, encouragement and inspiration to do it.”

“I experienced loads of positive changes during the programme: I lost lots of weight, I had a really good de-clutter of everything in my life that wasn’t serving me. I became a lot clearer with my boundaries with friendships, work and family. I managed to get my children in a good routine, and Saskia really helped me to structure my life…week by week.”

“I have found when I’m eating a high raw diet I feel so much more in tune with my whole self. I feel lighter both physically and emotionally. I feel inspired to make a lot of big changes in a lot of areas…and with Saskia’s encouragement I have taken the steps towards making them! Saskia is always very calm and constant and she provided me with support, encouragement, wisdom, and empathy-particularly with physical issues, and family life.”

Emma Palmer-Hunter, Swimming Instructor & Mum
Love Life Raw Programme



Raw Food Testimonials for Raw Freedom’s ‘6 Weeks to More Energy & Loving the Skin You’re In’ for raw food beginners and improvers.

“I can honestly say that I went through some major cleansing on a mental, emotional, spiritual and physical level”

“It’s been a powerful journey, I’ve learned a lot about habits, assumptions, old beliefs and patterns and hidden addictions. I’ve dropped 8 pounds, my skin looks better than it has in years. My eyes are no longer chronically bloodshot, I’m sleeping better and am almost completely pain free. That’s worth a million dollars right there! There were times when I could literally feel my cells and molecules vibrating and shifting. I can truly say that I am now energetically vibrating at a higher level than when I began the program!”

Schelli Whitehouse, Business Coach & Entrepreneur
6 Weeks to More Energy & Loving the Skin You’re In

Suzanne Gordon, Social Worker

“My skin is clearer and my weight is down by 11lbs”

“I wanted to do this programme because I was feeling a bit down that I’d been eating a lot of rubbish and was a bit out of control especially before Christmas. I decided it was time to get a hold of things and change course. I’d done a 30 day challenge before and remembered how wonderful I felt so I wanted to do it again with more support this time.

The programme was just what I needed. It gave me the push that I desperately wanted at the time. Saskia’s coaching and advice all along the way was an added boost which kept the motivation high throughout the programme.  Saskia was informative and great to listen to with sound advice and help on issues that arose along the way.

At the end of 6 weeks I feel really great. My skin is clearer and my weight is down by 11lbs. That is a fabulous start to the year and this has really motivated me to carry on and reach my goal weight.

I enjoyed learning about new food preparation and trying out new recipes. I also enjoyed the anticipation of new menus each week and having the menu list prepared for me. It made following the programme a lot easier. And the surprise box of goodies was a great bonus.”

Suzanne Gordon, Social Worker
6 Weeks to More Energy & Loving the Skin You’re In

Francesca Bourne, Massage Therapist

“I feel lighter, I have more energy, I actually want to get out of bed in the mornings”

Before I started the 6 week detox I was quite stressed and anxious about my life and health. I felt heavy and had put on nearly 2 stone. I have suffered from Graves disease on and off for the last 4 years and the levels were rising again so I was looking for ways to rebalance my body and was recommended the program by friends who had already worked with Saskia.”

At the beginning I was very excited and nervous about doing it; happy I was taking charge of my life and doing something for me. Saskia’s life coaching was an essential part of the program and I wouldn’t have been able to do it without her wise support. It was very helpful to talk to Saskia and get reassured about the detox symptoms and diet advice, I felt I could tell her anything.”

“Now that I have completed the program I feel great! I have lost 12 pounds! Everyone is telling me I look amazing and vibrant. I had a blood test to check the thyroid levels and they have all gone back to normal! Which is the best news and I think it was due to detoxing my mind, body and spirit.”

Francesca Bourne, Massage Therapist
6 Weeks to More Energy & Loving the Skin You’re In

Tanya Andrew, Art Psychotherapist

“Before I started the detox my energy was generally quite low. I was very curious how I might feel eating raw food and wondered if it would improve my sluggish digestion.”

“The structured support of the shopping list and meal plans meant that preparing meals and thinking ahead (if I was going to work, for example) was much easier. By week three I noticed a big difference in how I felt and that continued to evolve as I continued eating raw. I also enjoyed the coaching which helped to open my mind to another way of being that makes me feel great. There are many realisations on this journey and Saskia’s presence has been to support and nurture them in a thoroughly professional manner.”

“I loved the energy I received from being raw, my digestion has never been better and my appearance has reflected this. I feel so much more present. The raw food detox has given me greater clarity of self and a natural vitality and excitement for life. It is a truly transformative process. I felt like a pioneer of my own body and it is an adventure I will never regret choosing.”

Tanya Andrew, Art Psychotherapist
6 Weeks to More Energy & Loving the Skin You’re In



Raw Food Testimonials for Raw Freedom’s Live Workshops

“A really wonderful introduction into the possibilities of ‘going Raw’ and how far reaching it is. The whole day was perfect”.
Jeremy Coleman, London
“I was really glad I decided to come today – it has been inspirational and I have lots of great ideas that I can put into practice immediately – Thanks!! As well as enjoying the great food, I enjoyed meeting people with similar interests”.
Taryn Hauritz, London
“A welcoming, enlightening day. Full of energy and positivity from Saskia. Fantastic food that was lovingly prepared and shared. Very holistic approach and accepting of everyone’s personal journey. Uplifting and wholesome and a sense of well-being projected joyfully out to all.”
Andrea, Surbiton.
“Today has made me think the whole world should be zinging raw food into their cells. The class was inspiring, informative, supportive, confidence-building, relaxed, delicious, fun, nurturing and surprising. Raw Chocolate rocks! Vegetable tarts are amazing and very impressive. Raw is so easy!”
Debs Stanley, Wiltshire
“Today has been enlightening and inspiring, Saskia. You are such a fantastic, living example of the diverse benefits of eating raw food! Your passion is contagious!”
Morag McKillop, Melbourne
“Well this was my first raw food class experience and I have to say it was absolutely fantastic!! So much information, inspiration, yummy new and easy recipes. This felt like a weeks workshop in a day!
Lily Gleave, Devon
“Loved it! So much information and fantastic recipes – can’t beat watching Saskia demo (and taste) to see how easy and delicious raw food is.”
Imogen Cooper, London
“Today’s workshop has helped me understand just how important raw food is and how beneficial this journey can be to your overall health, well being and vitality.”
Dawn Wilson, London
“Very good! A major head-turner. Saskia was really good, engaging and passionate about raw food as were the other participants so I had a great day!”
Simon Askew, Chorleywood
“Brilliant. Being on this course today has re-affirmed my interest and inner sense that raw food (at least some of the time) is the way to go. Saskia and her helpers are extremely healthy-looking and lovely and inspiring people; wise and sincere too.”
Petica Watson, London
“Saskia is enthusiastic, cleverly creative in making delicious food easy and accessible, warm and friendly, welcoming, clear, calm, confident and fun to watch.”
Kerin Buckner, Devon
“The most useful bit was getting inspired. Thoughts become things! Today has made me feel excited and well nourished”.
Dory Walker, Bristol
“Saskia is very calm, organised, clear and absolutely shines…She is brilliant at her job!”
Emma Palmer-Hunter, Devon

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