Superfood Smoothie Mix

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Smoothie Superfood Mix

This weekend I’m going up to London with my best friend (Justine, from Green Heart Kitchen) for a few days of culture, to celebrate her 50th birthday. What an amazing achievement, 50 years on this big, beautiful planet – congratulations Jus!!

I haven’t been to London for ages, and I’m looking forward to being in the big smoke. The plan is to go to art museums and galleries, eat at the best vegan places and go to the theatre. AND I get to hang out with my bestie for three whole days. What a treat!

Eating Out

Although I love eating out, I often find it challenging. I adore my food and am a pretty good cook myself, so finding healthy places that are up to my standards can be tricky. For this weekend, we’ve been given a list of good places to eat in London by someone who’s in the know, so I’m really looking forward to checking out some new eateries.  I’ll let you know the fussy foodie’s outcome in next week’s blog 🙂

When it comes to eating out I like my food to taste delicious, but I also like it to look good too. Justine is the queen of food presentation – I could look at her food all day like it’s art (have you seen her raw chocolates? I mean…!!!). I want her to give me a private food presentation lesson because, although I’m a mean recipe creator, I’d like to develop my pretty-on-the- plate skills. I believe that food should be a sensual feast – taste, sight, smell, texture. It all adds to the joy of eating.

Not All Food is Pretty

Having said that, today’s recipe is decidedly utilitarian in looks. What you do with it will determine how gorgeous your smoothie is though 🙂  I like to think of adding superfoods to your diet as adding a condensed hit of nutrients that you might not otherwise get. A smoothie with fruit and greens is really good for you, but a smoothie with fruit, greens and superfoods is a whole load better 🙂 Enjoy!

This Week’s Delicious Recipe: Superfood Smoothie Mix

I try and get all my ingredients organic. I think this is particularly important with superfood powders, because their content has been concentrated and we don’t want to be adding concentrated agrochemicals to our diet.

I like making up this mix in advance and having it on hand to put in my smoothies. I’ll add three tablespoons into my morning smoothie.


3 tbsp organic spirulina powder
1 cup organic barley grass powder
1 cup organic maca powder
2 cups golden linseed
1 cup chia seeds


Mix all the ingredients together in a mixing bowl. (Make sure the spirulina is thoroughly mixed in, because too much spirulina in your smoothie can spoil the taste).

Decant the mix into an airtight glass jar.

When you make your smoothie, simply add 2 -3 tablespoons of the mix into the blender along with your other ingredients. Easy!

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