Satisfying Raw Suppers for Cosy Evenings

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Basil Alfredo Pasta

Most of us are so used to having a heavy, starch and protein laden meal in the evenings that it’s quite a psychological hurdle to eating a raw supper.  It may seem like a raw vegetable dish just isn’t going to satisfy us or fill us up.  Even if we aren’t physically hungry after a raw supper we might feel ‘psychologically’ hungry, which feels just as uncomfortable.

My recommendation to people who find integrating a raw evening meal difficult is that they start to overcome their psychological hurdles by eating a raw supper that includes some cooked starch.  A baked sweet potato, rice noodles or wheat-free pasta, a little brown rice or other healthy grain such as Quinoa gives the ‘filling’ aspect of a cooked meal whilst the raw part means you’re still getting the benefits of eating high raw.

When you’re comfortable with this level of eating, then you can begin to introduce fully raw suppers.

What I eat for my Raw Supper

My suppers vary depending on my mood and who I’m eating with.  I generally eat more simply if I’m on my own and will eat a warm raw soup, or stuffed Pepper with Salad.  If I’m eating with others I like making Guacamole Mushrooms or Thai Stir Fry, making some boiled rice too if I’m feeding people who normally eat cooked food or if I feel like a bit of warm starch.  These two meals are always a winner if you’re entertaining.  Some of my other favourite suppers are Sesame Coleslaw with a simple Salad, Purple Salad with baked Sweet Potato, Marinated Portobello Mushrooms with Raw Gravy and Salad and Mexican Chilli.

Some More Ideas for You!

Having a good selection of easy supper recipes up your sleeve is really important for when you’re tired, stressed or have left thinking about what to eat until the last minute.  Decide ahead of time what you’re going to eat.  It’s a nice weekend habit to get in to; planning your week’s suppers and shopping for everything you need.  Some people think it’s not very flexible to plan like this, but try it and you’ll really experience the benefits straight away.  You can always swap your suppers around to suit your mood during the week.

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