How I changed my life and started doing the work I love as a raw food and clean eating expert, artist and life coach.

Saskia Fraser, BA, CPCC

Certified Raw Food Coach, Co-Active Life Coach, Artist and Lover of Life!

Hello and thanks for coming to check out more about me, what I do and how I can help and inspire you 🙂 My name is Saskia and my story with food started when I was a young teenager. When I discovered raw food and clean-eating in my early 30s it was such a personally life-changing experience that I decided to start teaching people how they can begin this transformative way of living. It became my passion! My own life was proof of the power of raw food, clean-eating and self-empowerment.  I was an ordinary and unhealthy woman who experienced the extra-ordinary mind, body and spirit results of eating a diet high in raw and clean foods.

My Childhood

I had a wonderful and eclectic childhood, lucky enough to grow up with an awareness of healthy food.  My mum was into organic and whole foods when the idea was just a bud in the minds of the western consciousness. The influence of growing up with this particular understanding of diet was twofold  1)  I understood that what we eat effects us on many levels, and  2)  from the age of 13 I totally rebelled against the brown bread and salad teachings of my mother!

And so, for almost 20 years chocolate bars, white bread, cakes and sausages entered into my life on a daily basis, as well as an emotional over-eating habit. I discovered in my teens that I had intolerances to wheat and sugar and that they left me feeling bloated, moody, tired and sore. I went through phases of trying to cut them out, but mostly just ignored the discomfort they put me in.

Feeling Old at 30

Of course, all this ignoring of my body’s signs ended up with me feeling less and less well.  I had IBS, eczema, sore joints, bad skin, a terrible memory (forgetting what I was saying half way through sentences many times a day) and stress related emotional issues. I was a physical wreck, with my mind and emotions not far behind.  All by the age of 30.

Life and Death

I found out about raw food as a way to eat three years before I actually did anything about it. I have always believed that we have the ability to heal ourselves given the right tools.  After a life-changing car accident, when one of my sisters died, another suffered a broken spine and I ended up in intensive care, I decided it was time to actually do something about my health.  There is nothing quite like coming close to death to affirm how important life is.  I was convinced that if I carried on the way I had been with my diet, my health would continue to go down hill and I  I would end up with bowel and brain disease.  Obviously I didn’t want that.  After the accident I knew I wanted to recover from  the trauma and grief and I wanted to be vibrantly alive, physically well and deep-down happy.  And I wanted to help others to do the same.

The Experiment

I embarked on two weeks of eating raw food in the middle of winter, to see if it was possible and how I would feel.  I felt amazing in just a short time!  My fear of raw food being boring was totally unfounded, as I discovered the delicious recipes in Juliano’s Uncook Book. My memory came back and my IBS eased.  All within 2 weeks.  I was sold on raw food!

With its simple roots, literally in the soil, this way of eating healed my body, opened up my mind and connected me more deeply with my spirituality and creativity. The way that I coach has evolved from simple raw food coaching (the practicalities of eating a raw and clean food diet) to incorporating powerful life coaching too. I also work with writers and artists (like me!) who want to birth their passion projects out into the world 🙂

Long-Term, Sustainable and Positive Lifestyle Change

It’s unusual to eat a really clean diet without wanting to upgrade many other areas of your emotional, environmental and spiritual life as well.  I’m honoured to say that helping clients over the years has revealed that I have a gift for coaching people to happier, healthier and more fulfilling lives. By intuitively guiding my clients, I help them to open up their awareness so that they can experience long term and sustainable positive change in their lives on many levels.  My clients have said that they most appreciate the following aspects of working with me:

  • Spot on intuition and insight
  • Encouragement
  • Honesty
  • Safety
  • Compassion
  • Nonjudgmental and loving support
  • Validation
  • Humour

And so my Raw Freedom work now is all about coaching women to find alignment within themselves, so that they can experience physical vitality, deep inner-confidence and a sense of connection and excitement about the life they are creating for themselves, day by day and into their future.


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