This Week’s Recipe Video: Spicy Parsnip Soup

In the middle of the night last night we had a crazy, beautiful electrical storm.  When I was a kid I used to count the seconds between the lightning and thunder, trying to work out how far away the storm was.  Well, last night they happened at the same time!  We were in the eye of the storm 🙂  This morning my phone line and internet were dead.

I now think that moments like these are blessings in disguise.  Our world is so fast paced and relentless that it often takes something like this to disconnect us from our phones, computers, iPads, mobiles and whatever other gadgets we like to play with.  We have become so identified with our technology that when we drop our mobile in the washing up, or our computers crash, we feel lost without them.

I often encourage my life coaching clients to give themselves ‘technology free’ periods of the day, particularly in the morning before leaving for work, and in the evening.  Mornings are so much more relaxed and peaceful without checking your emails or texting;  evenings are so much more restorative and creative without the TV or the iPad.  I challenge you to give it a go for a week and see just how much calmer you feel.

This week’s recipe video is a winter favourite of mine.  If you haven’t got a high speed blender, grate your parsnip finely before blending to get a smoother soup 🙂  In the video I mention it’s one of the recipes from my upcoming book.  I’m not sure exactly when it’s going to come out yet (it may even be next autumn rather than this autumn), but it’s going to be AMAZING!  If you’re on my mailing list you’ll get first dibs and a special offer price when it’s published

Over to you …

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