Reflections On Turning 40 and This Week’s Recipe Video: Pea & Mint Soup

Today’s video is one of my favourite summer recipes from the soup chapter in my book.  It’s a regular lunchtime option for me, and friends and family love it’s creamy light-but-rich flavours too.  This is one of those brilliant recipes that make raw food easier to produce than cooked, so get in your ingredients and add it to your repertoire this week (scroll to the bottom of the post for the actual video 🙂 ).

The mental turnings of entering a new decade

This week has been all about letting go for me; letting go of the expectations I’ve had of myself and my life – expectations I’ve had ever since leaving school.  It’s scary and, boy, is it a relief.
Letting go means I’m trusting the universe to bring me what I need.   I’m choosing to float down the river in my boat, relaxing, enjoying the view and absorbing the beauty, rather than paddling as fast as I can to whatever I’m imagining the reward will be, sometime in the future.

Some of you may have noticed that turning 40 has triggered a lot of deep thoughts and internal processing for me.  I loved entering my new decade.  And then came a deep dive of self-reflection.  It’s painful and exciting, as all periods of personal growth are.  I’m curious and open to what will unfold 🙂

Over to you …

If you feel inspired by today’s post and video, please leave a reply at the bottom of the page  :).  I love to hear from you!  x

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  1. Frances
    | Reply

    Seems YUM, Saskia! Will definitely give this a go soon! Thank you!!! 🙂

    • Saskia
      | Reply

      Fab, Frances! I hope you love it as much as I do 🙂 x

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