Chocolate Orange Mousse

I love, love, love today’s velvety dessert!  It’s just so simple and easy to make, and tastes absolutely divine.  You can freeze it to make great ice cream too.

This is one of those recipe that I use when I’m in need of some seriously sophisticated comfort food.  If I have a craving for something sugary and processed, I’ll whip this up on minutes.  Having the right recipes for the right moment is something I bang on about a lot (you may have noticed!).  I believe that staying healthy with your food choices is all about knowing what to eat and how to make it without taking a risk as to whether it will taste good or not.

I love it when I get emails from people a week after one of my workshops saying that they’ve made all the recipe they learnt with me.  And that their husband loves them too!  With a new workshop to inspire you (and often a copy of my recipe book tucked under your arm by the end of the day), raw food really does become an easy joy.  It’s all about the know-how!

How many recipes would you need in your daily repertoire to feel inspired to make raw food everyday?  I’m curious to hear your thoughts in the comments box below – don’t be shy, I love to chat here on the blog!

  1. Leonie Hildreth
    | Reply

    Am exited to try new recipes…..cos it’s so easy to fix,and tastes delicious,it’s healthy,and makes me excited to learn a new,interesting way to uncooked
    Thanks for tour website.

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