Raw Food, Pregnancy and Ceremony

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Pregnant woman

Last month in my newsletter I mentioned being asked to be at a friend’s birth.  Well, I’ve been thinking about getting in the right space to give her the support she needs.  She’s into raw food too so I’ve decided to honour our friendship by tapping into the spiritual and intuitive state that eating 100% raw gives you.  Normally I eat high raw rather than 100%, but when you want to get in the zone there is nothing quite like getting that extra bit cleaner.  I’ll keep you posted!

I’ve just got back from a beautiful Blessing Way – the blessing of a mother and her baby before the baby is born.  It’s the most amazing ceremony (coming from the Navajo Indians) that empowers and relaxes the mum-to-be, giving her confidence and support in having an amazing birth.  We were 12 women, all bringing a birth alter gift and a bead to create a birthing necklace full of our intentions for her birth – love, relaxation, belief, spiritual connection, and lots more amazing intentions for her to wear in her labour.  We made a web with colourful wool, with my pregnant friend in the middle, wrapping the wool around ourselves and her to create the most gorgeous web of sisterhood and solidarity.  Then we made bracelets for each of us from the wool, which we will cut when she goes into labour sending our prayers and wishes to her.  And then she got pampered by all of us!  Every pregnant woman should have one of these ceremonies – they are so empowering!

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