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Starts Monday 9th January 2017

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It’s time to do right by yourself – 2017 is on its way!  New Year is always a great time to kick-start good habits. As part of a gorgeous group of health-conscious, joy-seeking women, the Vitality Detox offers you structure, support and step-by-step guidance to boost your energy and get the weight dropping off you after the festive season.


You may well be worrying that you don’t have the discipline to get your diet back on track in the new year. If you’re lacking confidence and generally not feeling great about yourself (which often happens after the indulgences of the festive season), it’s time to take charge and do something about it.  Only you have the power to change how you feel, physically and emotionally, but when you join the Vitality Detox we make it easy by giving you loving moral support, encouragement and deliciously energising menus and recipes to get you inspired and motivated for your 6 weeks of clean-eating.

  • You wish you felt healthy and vibrant.


  • You want more from your life but feel tired and like you’re running on empty a lot of the time.


  • You wish you looked and felt lighter, younger and more confident.


  • You crave clarity and emotional balance.


  • You struggle out of bed in the morning and flop as soon as your day ends.

Uphill struggle

It’s time to get things right for yourself. You may well feel fed up of letting yourself down, worrying that you don’t have the discipline or commitment to do what needs to be done to get your energy levels up and get your life on track. If you’re lacking confidence and generally not feeling great about yourself, it’s time to take charge and do something about it.


Feeling stuck

You may well work hard and experience stress, overwhelm and self-doubt on an almost daily basis. You often feel that you’re not doing ‘it’ well enough or in the right way: work; relationships; parenting; looking after yourself. You feel tired and exhausted by life a lot of the time, but you keep pushing yourself. You think if you keep pushing yourself then it will eventually work out. But… on some level you know that’s not true because you don’t feel as alive and happy as you want to, in body, mind or spirit.


Francesca Bourne, Massage Therapist


“I feel lighter, I have more energy, I actually want to get out of bed in the mornings.”


“Before I started the 6 week detox I was quite stressed and anxious about my life and health. I felt heavy and had put on nearly 2 stone. I have suffered from Graves disease on and off for the last 4 years and the levels were rising again so I was looking for ways to rebalance my body and was recommended the program by friends who had already worked with Saskia. At the beginning I was very excited and nervous about doing it; happy I was taking charge of my life and doing something for me.


Saskia’s life coaching was an essential part of the program and I wouldn’t have been able to do it without her wise support. It was very helpful to talk to Saskia and get reassured about the detox symptoms and diet advice, I felt I could tell her anything.


Now that I have completed the program I feel great! I have lost 12 pounds! Everyone is telling me I look amazing and vibrant. I had a blood test to check the thyroid levels and they have all gone back to normal! Which is the best news and I think it was due to detoxing my mind, body and spirit.”


Francesca Bourne, Massage Therapist 6 Week Detox


Last on the list

It’s usual for the women I work with to put the needs of others before their own. You’re most likely an independent, motivated woman with a desire to be an inspiration to others, but aspects of these positive traits actually end up holding you back. You feel you have to do everything on your own and that getting help is somehow weak. Taking the ‘easy route’ by asking for help feels like cheating. It’s likely that on some level you feel like you don’t deserve it. You think that you should be strong enough to do it on your own.


You probably find it hard to spend money on yourself because you think it’s better invested elsewhere, in your kids, your business, in saving for a rainy day. What’s missing in your life is having the non-judgemental and loving support that will help you make the changes you know need to happen. Not to mention the motivational ideas and practical tools to be able to actually make the changes happen at all.

  • You want to feel full of energy and vitality, not drained and exhausted.
  • You want to be proud of the way you look. You’re fed up of looking in the mirror and feeling demoralised by what’s happening to your body and your face as you get older.
  • You want to have the mental and emotional space to give the best of yourself, to family, friends and the world. It’s time to get rid of the self-loathing and banish the bullying task master so that you can enjoy your life.
  • You want to enjoy and feel inspired by your work, not resentful and overstretched.
  • The hardest thing for you is wanting to feel in control of your life and proud of yourself but not knowing how to get there from where you are.



Imagine you had the energy, vitality and body you want

Imagine you had the mental and emotional space to start exploring what it’s like to be on top of your life rather than drowning in it. Imagine you had a weekly sacred space where you felt safe enough to be nurtured and challenged to be the very best of yourself. Imagine allowing yourself to get support from someone who really cares about you and has an objectivity and clarity that no-one else can give you. Imagine seeing yourself as your best asset and therefore believing 100% that it’s ok to invest in the support to become your very best.


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Tanya Andrews, Art Psychotherapist


“Before I started the detox my energy was generally quite low. I was very curious how I might feel eating raw food and wondered if it would improve my sluggish digestion.”


” The structured support of the shopping list and meal plans meant that preparing meals and thinking ahead (if I was going to work, for example) was much easier. By week three I noticed a big difference in how I felt and that continued to evolve as I continued eating raw. I also enjoyed the coaching which helped to open my mind to another way of being that makes me feel great.


There are many realisations on this journey and Saskia’s presence has been to support and nurture them in a thoroughly professional manner. I loved the energy I received from being raw, my digestion has never been better and my appearance has reflected this. I feel so much more present.


The raw food detox has given me greater clarity of self and a natural vitality and excitement for life. It is a truly transformative process. I felt like a pioneer of my own body and it is an adventure I will never regret choosing.”


Tanya Andrew, Art Psychotherapist


About Saskia

I originally became interested in raw food back in 2005, but it took me another 3 years and a life-changing car accident to actually motivate myself to really give it a go. I was bumbling through life feeling low on energy, high on stress and generally pretty rubbish about myself when the biggest and most profound event of my life happened in 2007. I was on road trip in Argentina with my mum and two of my sisters when our car rolled, killing one of my sisters, paralysing my other sister and putting me in intensive care.


Back in the UK, the rest of my family received a phone call to say they didn’t know if any of us would survive the accident. It took me 3 months of rest to recover from my physical injuries, and during that time I had plenty of time to think about what was important in life. Before the accident I worked myself to the bone and was really hard on myself. I drove my poor body and brain to the edge of a nervous breakdown with my first business. I was always criticising myself and telling myself I wasn’t doing things well enough, right enough, or just plain ‘enough’. I disliked the way I looked and I was on an emotional roller coaster. I felt like I was living life in a haze. The accident gave me a wake-up call.


Very little seems worth getting stressed over or worried about when you’ve been through an experience like that. All I wanted was to learn how to love myself and to be deep-down happy. And I realised that I wanted to help others do the same. When I discovered the profoundly life-enhancing effects of eating a high raw diet everything fell into place. I experienced the fast track to sorting out my food and body issues as well as being able to get off the emotional roller coaster. I felt at peace and in control for the first time in my life.


Raw food gives you…

  • Energy and vitality
  • Mental clarity
  • Emotional balance
  • Emotional space to experience joy and happiness
  • Self-confidence
  • Greater self-awareness

As a certified Raw Food and Life Coach, I’ve been working with women who want to more energy and vitality, and who want to  feel better about their bodies and reduce their stress levels, for over 6 years. I’ve directly coached and taught over 500 people about the body, mind and spirit benefits of eating a high raw diet. I’ve shown my clients how to let go of their fears and to honour themselves and their natural intuitive wisdom.


I would love you to become part of this tribe too. This group detox is your opportunity to experience the amazing benefits of raw food with support and tools to help you reap the rewards of eating this life enhancing diet.


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Suzanne Gordon, Social Worker


“My skin is clearer and my weight is down by 11lbs”


” I wanted to do this programme because I was feeling a bit down that I’d been eating a lot of rubbish and was a bit out of control especially before Christmas. I decided it was time to get a hold of things and change course. I’d done a 30 day challenge before and remembered how wonderful I felt so I wanted to do it again with more support this time. The programme was just what I needed. It gave me the push that I desperately wanted at the time.


Saskia’s coaching and advice all along the way was an added boost which kept the motivation high throughout the programme. Even the group calls that I missed, I was able to catch up a few days later by listening to the recorded version. Saskia was informative and great to listen to with sound advice and help on issues that arose along the way.


At the end of 6 weeks I feel really great. My skin is clearer and my weight is down by 11lbs. That is a fabulous start to the year and this has really motivated me to carry on and reach my goal weight. I enjoyed learning about new food preparation and trying out new recipes. I also enjoyed the anticipation of new menus each week and having the menu list prepared for me. It made following the programme a lot easier.”


Suzanne Gordon, Social Worker


What this guided detox consists of …

  • Weekly mind, body and spirit coaching support calls.
  • Weekly menu plans, recipes and shopping lists.
  • Information on eating a nutritionally balanced raw food diet.
  • Social eating advice, including how to eat with your family during the detox.
  • Raw kitchen advice.
  • Shopping advice.
  • Raw kitchen techniques.


Weekly Detox Schedule


Week 1

  • 70% raw food & 30% cooked food menu, plus recipes and shopping list.


Week 2

  • 70% raw food & 30% cooked food menu, plus recipes and shopping list.


Week 3

  • 85% raw food & 15% cooked food menu, plus recipes and shopping list.

Week 4

  • 90% raw food & 10% cooked food menu, plus recipes and shopping list.

Week 5

  • 100% raw food menu, plus recipes and shopping list.

Week 6

  • 90% raw food & 10% cooked food menu, plus recipes and shopping list.

Serena Henderson, Writer and Grandmother


“I was enormously complemented on how I looked and that I seemed so much younger”


” At 61 it really has turned around my world and opened up a whole lot of realisations. I had an enormous sense of achievement and satisfaction. Saskia’s innate wisdom and guidance took me places that I hadn’t imagined possible and it is surely a testimonial that a year later I want to do the whole thing all over again.


The Raw food seems to level out any irrational moodiness and negative emotions and gave me a real clarity which was and is very exciting. And now, even a year later when I have deviated from the raw rood life style, I am still being told how well I look. My weight has stayed down and my energy up.


I highly recommend Saskia and Raw Freedom.”


Serena Henderson, Writer and Grandmother


This programme is right for you if …

  • You love the idea of a detox where you discover an energising way of eating that you can tap into whenever you want.
  • You feel stuck, overwhelmed or exhausted and need help to change your health and lifestyle so that you feel full of energy and self-confidence.
  • You love the idea of trying a new and exciting way of eating that will make you feel great but need support to do it.
  • You want to feel full of vitality and would like to find your natural weight but need to know where to start.
  • You crave a sacred space where you will feel heard and valued every week.
  • You are longing to feel inspired and excited about your life and your potential.
  • You are ready to take responsibility for your life, your health and your emotional wellbeing so that you can feel amazing.

That’s me! I’m ready to book my place.


Nicola Renovich, Director, The Haven Health Clinic


“I love knowing that I can make healthy raw delicious food whenever I want”


“If I decide to go raw for a few weeks or months or decide to detox or to lose weight I now know exactly how to go about it in a really healthy effective way. My diet at home includes a lot more fresh raw ingredients now which I love, and I have a lot more juices and smoothies.


I especially love knowing how to make raw chocolate mousse and healthy ice cream!”


Nicola Renovich, Director, The Haven Health Clinic www.ashburtonhaven.co.uk


What this life-changing programme is not …

  • A run-of-the-mill detox that doesn’t apply to everyday life.
  • A regime that needs loads of specialised raw food equipment.
  • A load of exercises and plans with no personal guidance.
  • Something that will only change the way you feel for 6 weeks, then it’s back to ‘normal’.
  • An easy way of losing weight or getting healthy without understanding why you are where you are.


Schelli Whitehouse, Business Coach & Entreprenuer


“I can honestly say that I went through some major cleansing on a mental, emotional, spiritual and physical level.”


” It’s been a powerful journey, I’ve learned a lot about habits, assumptions, old beliefs and patterns and hidden addictions. I’ve dropped 8 pounds, my skin looks better than it has in years. My eyes are no longer chronically bloodshot, I’m sleeping better and am almost completely pain free. That’s worth a million dollars right there!


There were times when I could literally feel my cells and molecules vibrating and shifting. I can truly say that I am now energetically vibrating at a higher level than when I began the program! ”


Schelli Whitehouse, Business Coach & Entreprenuer


Our bodies and minds are scientifically proven to be made from what we eat, drink, breath and absorb and yet we fill ourselves with nutritionally low-grade foods, smoke and drink alcohol and expect our bodies not to grumble. We abuse ourselves with our critical inner voices and sabotage our attempts to improve our lives. It’s no wonder that most of us feel less than our best most of the time. Through these 6 weeks of Raw Food Detox you will experience a nurturing raw food programme that will help you meet your amazing physical, emotional and spiritual potential.



  • ‘Pre-Detox Confidence Boost’ mp3 audio – Saskia will give a clear run-down of how to get pracitaly and mentally prepared for the start of your detox.
  • Facebook group – connect with others on the detox. Ask each other questions, make suggestions and offer support.
  • The Balanced Raw Diet – so that you’ll know what raw foods to eat for optimum health.
  • Detox Symptoms & Solutions – you’ll be able to ease any detox symptoms with this great bonus.
  • 6 motivational raw food videos from Saskia.


  • 20 minute one to one sessions with Saskia, as and when you need them – £35
  • Join any future Vitality Detox for another healthy eating reboot for just £87


Lily Fraser, Song Writer


“My skin looked younger than it has in years and the weight just fell off me without me ever being hungry”


“Raw food has been an incredible discovery for me and one that I am eager to share; I feel lighter, brighter and so much clearer in all aspects of my life, and the benefits of raw food were almost immediately obvious. My skin looked younger than it has in years and the weight just fell off me without me ever being hungry.


Saskia’s coaching helped me to unlock fears and create new paths, not just with food but in my entire life. I felt good in my skin, in a way that I don’t think I ever have before; I want everyone I love to be able to feel this good!”


Lily Fraser, Song Writer www.lilyfraser.com



Dates and Times


New Year Vitality Detox: Monday 9th January – Sunday 19th February

  • Group calls: 8pm – 9:15pm UK Time / 3pm – 4:15pm EDT / 12 noon – 1:15pm PDT  on Tuesdays during the Detox.
  • Group calls use a telephone or web conference call line, so we can all speak to each other.  Suitable for beginners – see Answers to Questions at the bottom of this page for more.
  • All group calls are recorded and available for you to download, in case you can’t make it to the call or would like to listen again.

Adrianne Wininsky, Musician and Cello Teacher


“I decided to do the 6 week raw food detox because I was very curious about the benefits of raw food.”


“I was at a point in my life where I knew I needed to make some changes to help myself feel better, physically and emotionally. My experience of the 6 Week Detox was amazing. I physically felt so wonderful by week 2. I was sleeping very well, and for the first time in years waking up feeling rested and rejuvenated. The mental clarity that I experienced, especially from week 3 onwards, helped me work through some emotional stuff, but also saw me through 3 very busy and otherwise stressful weeks at work with ease and focus.


I felt like myself again, and felt like I had come out of a 15 year daze! I now feel balanced and able to deal with anything that comes my way with grace and clarity. During the Detox I most enjoyed tasting new delicious recipes, and knowing that everything I put into my body was wholesome, pure, energising, and beneficial.


At the end of 6 weeks of raw food I am making raw recipes for all my family and friends to enjoy! ”


Adrianne Wininsky, Musician and Cello Teacher www.adriannewininsky.com




Your payment will be taken securely through Paypal. It’s not necessary to have an actual Paypal account – you just need youralk debit/credit card

Payment options:



Pay in Full

Raw Freedom Vitality Detox –  £247






Pay in Installments

Raw Freedom Vitality Detox –   a deposit of £140, followed by a 2nd monthly installment of £127 

Raw Freedom Vitality Detox – Instalments
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Due* Amount
At checkout £140.00 GBP
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Total £267.00 GBP
* We calculate payments from the date of checkout.
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The tools for wellbeing that you’ll learn as we go through these 6 weeks will be with you for the rest of your life. I can’t tell you how excited I am that you’re considering giving yourself this life-changing gift! Secure your place on the next Raw Freedom Vitality Detox now. This investment is going to reward you over and over again for your courage and decisiveness to look after of your mind, body and spirit, so that you can be in love with your life.



Bethan Stritton, Artist and Author


“I have shifted years of bad eating patterns and feel as though I am truly honouring the skin I’m in.”


“Before the 6 Week Detox I was tired, sluggish and had little energy. I slept heavily and found it hard to get up in the mornings. When I told people I was doing the detox, most would say “I could never eat just raw food for six weeks.” Yet the food was so delicious and it was so exciting to be making brand new recipes that MADE ME FEEL FABULOUS, no will power was required at all.


The weekly calls were great. The accountability was probably the best part of it. At the end of 6 Weeks I feel transformed. I would recommend it to everyone.”


Bethan Stritton, Artist and Author www.bethanstritton.com


Answers to questions you might have …

“Who will I be sharing this raw food journey with?”

People join this programme from literally all over the world. Previous participants have phoned in from across the UK (including …) as well as from America, Switzerland, France and Kenya. Women from their early 20s through to their 60s have participated in and loved this detox. The programme usually attracts busy women, from business owners to working mums and solicitors, who all believe that good health is as important for the spirit as it is for the mind and the body. All the women who have participated in this detox want more energy, to feel confident about their body shape, to de-stress and do something good for themselves. A desire for spiritual connection, emotional balance and mental clarity is very common among participants too.


“I can’t make all those call dates – does that mean I can’t join?”

If you can’t make any of the live group calls it’s not a problem. All the calls are recorded. You’ll receive the link to these recordings on the Thursday after the live call and even if you can make the call, you’ll have the recordings as a future learning reference.


“Will it take up lots of time? I’m already really busy!”

The menus and shopping lists are designed to make detox easy and fun. Raw Freedom recipes have been created by a busy women (Saskia!) for other busy women. They are predominantly quick to make with easy-to-find-ingredients. The first two weeks you’ll be learning a few new preparation techniques but your meals won’t take any longer than making a homemade cooked meal, and often your raw food meals will be quite a lot quicker to make! Evenings will be your best time for getting prepared for the following day’s recipes and you can prepare your lunch to take to work or get your breakfast ready in advance then.



“The weekly calls were very helpful and the support was invaluable for keeping me on track.”


“I decided to do the 6 week raw food detox because I wanted to have more energy & feel better in my 50s than ever before. I’d dabbled in raw in the past but couldn’t do it alone. I loved doing the programme. I saw changes in myself immediately. I thought I’d lose a few pounds but I’ve lost more than a stone & that was what kept me motivated.


I now have more energy and that happened quickly, too. Of course there were challenging days but I never gave up. I discovered the real taste of food and I most enjoyed the new tastes, flavours & being creative with natural food. And losing loads of weight!


At the end of 6 weeks of raw food I am a different person. I’m still doing raw & aiming for as much of my diet to be raw as I can.”


Alison Eaves, Confidence & Personal Performance Coach & Trainer (as Alison Matthews) www.isense.org.uk




“I’ve not participated in a group call before – how will I know what to do?”

Group calls with Saskia are informative and relaxed. You will receive regular reminder emails with clear instructions on how to take part in your group calls during the programme.


“How do I know it’s worth the investment?”

I’m confident that you’ll be thrilled with the results of this programme. You can’t know that for sure until you’ve actually taken part in the detox, of course. So, I want to make sure you have no excuses to hold yourself back from feeling fabulous – which is why I offer a No-Risk Guarantee. If you fully participate in the programme and you’re not completely satisfied, then you get your money back. It’s as simple as that!



“The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.”


“Deciding to commit to your 6 week programme was definitely a crucial first ‘step’ in the right direction of the journey of me desperately wanting to change my life and feel better in it. What started out as a desire to increase my energy, learn about raw food, get some delicious recipes and implement raw into my life turned out to be so much more. Although the program did all of that and in the 4th week I really felt my energy levels improve, it became more about my awakening, the emotional unfolding and that has had the greatest impact.


Most powerfully the importance of self love and acceptance has come up for me. This program has definitely supported me, awakened me and empowered me to take charge and move in the direction of my ideal life. Saskia’s passion for raw food is infectious and her love for empowering people to become their best is a true gift.


I would say to anyone considering this program, there is a reason you have drawn it to you and just say ‘Yes’ as it will be the first step on an exciting journey of transformation. ”


Katherine Hallworth, Juice Bar Owner