Raw Food – What Equipment Do You Really Need?

raw food equipment

There are a lot of myths around what equipment you need to get started with raw food.  Thinking that you need a high tech blender or dehydrator often stops people from eating more raw, even when it makes complete sense to them, their health and their body confidence.

When I first started eating raw food I didn’t have a lot of money, but I was determined to find a way of doing it.  So I bought a wand (hand) blender and away I went!

With my ‘6 Weeks to More Energy and Loving the Skin You’re In’ guided detox, I decided to design a programme that specifically showed people what kind of delicious raw recipes you can create JUST WITH A CHEAP HAND  BLENDER!  I wanted to bust the myth that you need to spend a fortune on equipment to eat amazing raw food.  Hand blenders are also brilliant for travelling or staying away from home because they’re light and quiet, and you can easily use them in hotel rooms and at friends houses.

Of course, once you know that this way of eating is right for you then you can begin to invest in other equipment.  A high tech blender does make preparation faster, a dehydrator does allow you to create ‘dry crunch’, and a juicer gives you access to fresh juice, but I didn’t own a dehydrator for over a year when I started, and it was 2 years before I invested in a high tech blender.

So, my raw food tip this week is to invest in a good hand blender that will continue to be useful even if you decide to buy other equipment later on.

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