Raw Food Classes & Workshops in London


Saskia is travelling the Americas for the next few years, and won’t be teaching any classes in the UK.

Corrina“The workshop was absolutely amazing – just what I was hoping for and more. I’d got a bit stuck doing the same old recipes again and again and was feeling bored with raw food.  Now I feel prepared and excited to get back to my kitchen!”Corrina Gordon-Barnes, Cambridge


Debs Stanley, Massage Therapist“Today has made me think… “The whole world should be zinging raw food into their cells.” Raw chocolate rocks! Vegetable tarts are amazing and very impressive. Raw is so easy! The class was inspiring, informative, supportive, confidence-building, relaxed, delicious, fun, nurturing and surprising.” Debs Stanley, Gloucestershire
Suzanne“Today has been wonderful, informative and very entertaining. I most enjoyed the preparation first hand and the food was excellent. Saskia is very good at presenting, very approachable and a joy to be around. Today I have learnt that I can eat a larger variety of food than I thought.” Suzanne Gordon, London

What’s so special about my hands-on raw food workshops?

They are a fun and relaxed way to learn more about raw 🙂

In these workshops I provide you with all the ingredients, equipment and techniques so you can actually make the raw food yourself, with my guidance.  And you get to take your delicious raw food home with you at the end of the day!

AiMM Oct'13Experiential learning is proven to be the most powerful way of learning, especially when you discover first hand how easy and fun raw food is to make.  There are a maximum of 12 people per class, so you get lots of attention and personal tuition from me.

When I first went raw, I won my family and friends over by making them such delicious food they couldn’t believe it was raw.   Making these delicious raw food dishes for yourself will give you the confidence, excitement and motivation to continue incorporating more raw food into your diet at home.

  These workshops are right for you if …

  • You love the idea of spending a fun day with like-minded people, immersing yourself in delicious raw food recipes.
  • You want to broaden your knowledge of raw food and all the benefits it can give you.
  • You’re bored of eating the same old stuff and want new and exciting dishes to keep you on the right path with your eating. 
  • You’re curious to find out more about raw food and want to discover if it’s a way of eating that would suit you.
  • You want to learn all you can about raw food, and how to have your recipes tasting delicious every time. 
  • You want to get clued-up, inspired and motivated in a particular area of raw food, such as dehydrating or raw dessert techniques.

The World of Raw Creation is a collection of workshops that are about hands-on raw food experience. Come and join these relaxed groups for maximum raw food learning and focused fun!

Andrea“A welcoming, enlightening day full of energy and positivity from Saskia. Fantastic food that was lovingly prepared and shared. A very holistic approach and accepting of everyone’s personal journey. Uplifting and wholesome and a sense of well-being projected joyfully out to all.” Andrea Giles, Surbiton

“The day has been very enjoyable and encouraging. I enjoyed the practical suggestions, bringing the recipes to life. Saskia is a skilled enthusiastic communicator with an in depth knowledge of the living and raw food lifestyle. Her kitchen is clear and comfortable – homely as well as being clean and efficient.”Carolyn, Wales



About Saskia’s Teaching Style

Raw Freedom’s inspiring raw food classes and workshops are an amazing opportunity to discover the ease, simplicity and incredible tastes available through preparing raw food meals.  Our classes and workshops are relaxed, fun and full of delicious food! Here’s what you can expect to experience at Raw Freedom’s Raw Food classes and workshops:

  • Learn delicious raw food recipes that are seasonal and easy, making them suitable for busy lives.  Hands on experience will show you just how easy raw food can be.
  • Hear about other people’s experiences with raw food and realise, wherever you are in your journey with raw food, you are not alone.
  • Absorb Saskia’s expert knowledge on the practical, physical, emotional, social and spiritual aspects of raw food.
  • Taste all the delicious recipes demonstrated during the raw food class.
  • Ask your raw food questions and hear others asking questions you hadn’t thought of yet.
  • Have fun discovering how raw food, with the right tools, can be accessible and life-expanding rather than limiting.
  • See top of the range raw food equipment in action whilst being confident that you don’t have to spend lots of money to eat raw.
  • Get a full recipe pack with all the day’s recipes and eat a delicious raw lunch provided by Saskia.
  • Feel your heart and mind expand through spending an inspiring day with inspiring people.


“Today has been interesting, informative and a good balance between health information and realistic choices, e.g. cashews are better than dairy, even if not raw. I most enjoyed tasting – I can’t tell from reading a recipe what it’s going to taste like, which I can from cooking a recipe. So having the chance to taste stuff was invaluable. Saskia is positive and knowledgeable and good at delivering information in a personable way.” Louise Lloyd, Bristol

Saskia’s friendly and accessible style makes it easy to learn recipes and techniques for improving the day to day quality of the raw food that you eat. By attending one of our raw food classes you will take away the inspiration to incorporate more raw food easily into your lifestyle.  Raw Freedom workshops are experiential and hands on. Saskia will answer all your raw food questions in a non-judgmental and open environment, giving you the confidence to try new things, whether you’re a beginner or experienced with raw food.