Organic V Non-Organic


There are many reasons why it is so important to eat organic food. Firstly, it simply tastes so much better than non-organic food. One of the reasons for this is that the production of organic food is strictly regulated and must meet certain standards before it can be sold. This means that organic food is of a much higher quality and has more taste and flavour.

Organic farming also benefits the environment. Our native animal and plant life is protected from the pesticides and herbicides used in mass farming methods. It focuses on producing food in ways which don’t interfere with nature’s own cycles and rhythms. Organic farming methods also emit little carbon dioxide, so it even helps to slow down climate change.

Organic food is a great way to get healthy, look great and feel fabulous. Some reports say that it contains at least 50% more nutrients, vitamins and minerals than non-organic food. So when we eat organic we are ingesting truly nourishing food of the highest possible quality. We aren’t consuming herbicides and pesticides (which have actually shown up in mother’s milk) with our food. Eating organic can increase our energy levels and leave us feeling vibrant and rejuvenated. Eating organic also strengthens our immune system, which means fewer visits to the doctor and less money spent on prescriptions and healthcare.

Some research suggests however, that organic food is no more nutritious then processed food. Unfortunately, such research omits to mention just how many pesticides, herbicides and chemicals that you also ingest when eating non-organic food. An average (non-organic) apple contains more than 20 pesticides alone! This is before we take herbicides into consideration, or the growth hormones and antibiotics that are also given to livestock.

So what effect does such a potent cocktail of chemicals have on your health? Cooked and processed foods are known to cause tiredness, headaches, difficulty concentrating, memory loss, weight gain, and even digestion problems. They sap energy, make you feel sluggish and leave you more prone to feeling emotionally overwhelmed.

Despite this, many people are still reluctant to buy organic food, as many believe it to be too expensive. In actual fact, eating organic doesn’t have to be costly. You can grow your own, have a vegetable box delivered or even buy in bulk from your local wholesaler. Whichever way you choose, the simple fact is that by investing in organic food you are investing in your health, and can you really put a price on that?

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    fantastic work, very grateful to you.

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      My pleasure Jai – I’m so glad you found my site to inspire you. x

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