Organic Fruit and Veg – So Vibrant and Fresh from the Local Market!

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Market Veg

We went to our veg wholesalers this morning and did one of my favourite weekly rituals.  Choosing our fruit and veg for the week is now a joy – all organic, richly flavoured and fantastically cheap because it’s wholesale.  And the variety of stuff is amazing too – lots of locally grown varieties to get creative with.  When I occasionally go to the supermarket, I wonder how I managed it every week!  Now that I’ve got out of the habit, I feel like I’m having my life energy sucked out of me by the bright lights and rows of pristine, plastic wrapped products whenever I go through their big metal doors.

The festive season is upon us!  We’ll be getting a Christmas tree in a pot this year, so we can keep it in the garden and pot it up each year.  And it won’t drop its needles!  I’m creating a delicious Raw Celebration Menu for myself and everyone on my mailing list, so if you need some free festive inspiration for your food this year make sure you sign up for my newsletter.  I’m including such scrumminess as Luxury Nut Loaf, Cumin & Honey Carrots and Christmas Cake.  Mmmmm!

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