Life Coaching

I’m making an educated guess that you’ve arrived on this page because you’re not fully satisfied with life at the moment.  You’re exploring your options and have heard coaching can help make positive life-changes.


1)  What is Raw Freedom Coaching?


Raw Freedom Coaching gets you in touch with what’s really important to you.  It’s about tapping into what makes you feel passionate and excited about life and gives you the courage and support to go after it.


If you answer “yes” to any of the following questions then coaching can help:

  • Do you want to silence the self-limiting voices of fear, guilt and frustration?
  • Do you want to get unstuck and fall in love with life again?
  • Do you want to experience more joy, peace, love, self-expression and a deep sense of fulfillment?

Raw Freedom Coaching reconnects you with your inner strength. You have something unique and special to give to the world.  You have everything you need within you to  create what you want in life.  Coaching shows you how to tap into that and ignites your self-belief.


Raw Freedom Coaching shows you the way and gives you the boost you need to be fully ALIVE!



Coaching Credentials


I trained at the Co-Active Training Institute  and am a qualified CCPC Coach.  I work using the following foundation:

  • People are Naturally Creative Resourceful and Whole – Raw Freedom Co-Active coaching focuses on all that you are and all that you are becoming.


  • Dancing in The Moment – the coaching starts from where you are right now without reference to the past.  Whatever you bring, in any moment, is right.


  • Focusing On the Whole Person – the coaching focuses on bringing out the beautiful inner essence of who you are, not only on the challenges you are facing.


  • Evoking Transformation – Raw Freedom Coaching is about long term change and transformation to the very core of your being.




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2)  Who I Work With


I work with women who have big visions and high expectations of themselves and their lives.  If you want it all – work you love, a fit and healthy body, a great relationship, financial security, gorgeous holidays, quality time with friends and family, and a deep sense of fulfillment in life – then you are the kind of woman I love to work with.


3)  Who Gets the Most from Raw Freedom Coaching


You’ll get the most from working with me if the idea of a mediocre life bores you.  You may well be working hard trying to make your dreams happen, but you are less satisfied and more exhausted as time goes on.


It’s very common for my clients to come to me because they feel stuck or overwhelmed.  They are often full of inspiring ideas but struggle to build the bridge between where they are and where they want to be.  Raw Freedom Coaching helps to build that strong and beautiful bridge.


Accountability is an integral part of coaching so, as your coach, I am here to be your sounding board and to keep you excited and motivated about moving forward.

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Fiona Robertson, Coach and Retreat Facilitator

“Coaching has given me a place to be me, un-judged, accepted and celebrated for who I am and what I have done. But mostly for who I can become.”


“I decided to do coaching because I am passionate about what I do and it can sometimes take over. Also turmoil within my home – I felt overwhelmed with the changes and the new single responsibility I would have.


I now have a much clearer vision for myself, my family and my ongoing business. I have simple ways to reconnect with myself and not get lost in the daily drama and be so work orientated.


It has brought me to a place that I would never have reached on my own, if I had not had this care and attention bestowed on me in my coaching sessions. I would not be in this place of strength without Saskia and her intuition, her caring but firm observations of me when I got stuck. I know where to come again when I hit another level that needs tuning up on my exciting and evolving journey.”


Fiona Robertson, Coach and Retreat facilitator &




4)  The Coaching Relationship


Your coaching relationship with me is a safe space to explore whatever you’re struggling with, whether it’s work, your relationship, money, life purpose or just a general sense of not being quite on track.  Discovering your life values and how they are being honoured, ignored or trodden on will open the door to a new world of fulfillment for you.  Through coaching with me you will explore who you are deep down, where you want to go and how to get there.


I have regular coaching myself because I completely believe in its value to help me be my best; my most courageous, most powerful, most calm, most successful, most fully expressed self.  Coaching has allowed me to be in touch with what I want from life and continues to give me the courage to go after it every day.  With all my heart, this is what I want for you too.


It’s important that your relationship with your coach is a good fit.  Trust should be easy to build and you need to feel safe to express your dreams and emotions.  A coaching relationship is a collaboration, so it’s important that your coach feels there is a good connection too.


5)  Is Raw Freedom Coaching Right for You?


I am committed to my clients’ deep and lasting transformation.  In return, I ask you to make a commitment to yourself that shows you are ready to shake things up and make exciting changes that will enrich your life on many levels: when my clients begin working with me they commit to a minimum of 6 months.  This may seem like long time and how do you know if I’m the right coach for you?  I ask you to book a free one hour sample session with me so we can check our chemistry and find out if we’d like to work together.


What is a sample session?


1.  I will ask you to complete a coaching appraisal so I can get to know you a bit before we speak.


2.  Your sample session will be by phone or Skype, when you will get a clear idea of what it feels like to be coached, what the benefits are and if it can help you achieve your goals.  You’ll see if you like the flavour of my coaching style; we’ll discover if we enjoy working together.


3.  If it feels right for both of us, we’ll talk about the logistics of continuing with coaching.


6)  Which Areas of Life Can Coaching Help With?

Jayne Leonard, Solicitor
“Saskia’s coaching was supportive and professional throughout and I am very glad that I decided to invest the time and money in myself in this way. I feel that all the important areas of my life have been reviewed and reassessed and thanks to the tools she gave me in the coaching sessions I’m now in a position to continue breaking old habits that were holding me back and look forward to a healthier, happier future.”Jayne Leonard, Solicitor

Life Purpose

  • Discover your values, so you can live them more fully and feel connected to the richness and beauty of life.


  • Discover your life purpose.


  • Find focus and direction.


  • Understand what drives you in life so you can use feel motivated and excited about moving forward.

Health & Lifestyle

  • Achieve your health, fitness and well being goals.


  • Be comfortable in your own skin no matter what your weight.


  • Have confidence and integrity around your daily food choices.


  • Enjoy all aspects of your life in balance.


  • Build self-confidence, at work and at home.


  • Change long term patterns of behaviour that hold you back.


  • Create a fulfilling life that is built on self-knowledge and confidence rather than fear and negative thinking.


  • Achieve work related goals.


  • Resolve work related challenges and difficult relationships.


  • Promotion.


  • Career change.


  • General dissatisfaction and lack of fulfillment.


  • Set up and run a business that reflects your core values and brings you deep satisfaction.

Raw Freedom Coaching is by Skype..  You can be where you need to be and receive the support you need wherever you are.


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Farah Perez, Retail Manager

“What l experienced and have learnt just keeps on giving. I feel like l have got my life back and that is priceless.”


“I chose to coach with Saskia because I wanted to get some balance in my life. Some areas were way out of line and I felt the need to establish some clarity to help me identify and achieve my goals. It also felt as if l was taking more control of my life. I had a lot going on in my life and l was concerned that opening up “cans of worms” (however exciting those worms!) would be too much.


In fact I couldn’t have made a better decision. It was exactly at the most busy and full-on times that coaching with Saskia was the most powerful.The very structure of regular coaching sessions made me feel special, I was doing something very special just for myself.  Doing a sample session with her was useful also and l would recommend anyone to do the same to voice their concerns and then see what is holding you back.


I wanted to work with Saskia again because l had really enjoyed my time on the six week detox the previous year. She provides a structure for the coaching sessions which instils confidence in the process but then she is alert to where you want and need to go that week. I found her very responsive to what l was saying often allowing me to explore directions that l had not even considered before. I also think Saskia works perceptively and with intuition which is a great added benefit for a Coach!


l have absolutely no regrets about this investment in myself. Honestly, l feel quite privileged to have been coached by Saskia. ”


Farah Perez, Retail Manager

Sheree Clark, Holistic Health and Nutrition Coach

“What I most enjoyed about Saskia’s coaching style was her sense of humour; the ability to hold a space without judgement; her empathy.”


“I decided to have coaching because I felt as though I was on the cusp of change but I also felt somewhat stuck.  I had grown tired of feeling as though there was something better waiting for me, if only I could access it.


Coaching has given me a different view of myself and how I address change. I am more willing to embrace it. I spend more time looking ahead than looking backward now. I let go of a relationship that had outlived its value to either of us. I changed my schedule and how I structure my day. I found the discipline to adopt some personal practices that I had been promising myself for over a year.


What I would say to someone thinking about coaching with Saskia is: do a free trial session. At the end of that first hour I had faced a little demon and realized that the hold it had on me was inflated.  That’s why I committed to continue with coaching.  Saskia also has good intuition: that’s probably the most important thing.  I allowed myself to go where the process took me, and I landed at a place that is better and more comfortable than I might have imagined.”


Sheree Clark, Holistic Health and Nutrition Coach

University Administrator and Life Coach

“I could not have chosen a better coach or guide for my journey than Saskia”


“I initially decided to work with Saskia because I had found myself at a crossroads around a number of elements in my life and needed some guidance and support.


Saskia has given me the confidence to move my life and my business forward again which is something I had almost given up on. I am much more positive about life in general and specifically around my feelings towards myself and how I can make a difference to my own life as well as others.


I feel much more in control of my life specifically around food. I am much more connected on spiritual level and feel so much happier because of it. I feel totally at peace with myself and who I am to such an extent that I am re-launching my business which I had put on hold for a year. I feel I have a clear strategy for moving forward with my life.


Key aspects of the coaching for me were the gentle but structured support and the high level of accountability. Saskia has a unique skill whereby she intuitively knows when to push me beyond my comfort zone allowing me to develop and reach my potential.


I could not have chosen a better coach or guide for my journey than Saskia – she gently encouraged and supported me through major changes and made me feel protected when I needed it. Saskia’s approach of mind, body and spirit coaching encompasses the essence of whole person coaching and I highly recommend her.


Maureen York, University Administrator and Life Coach

“Coaching has given me determination and self-belief: it has helped to keep me focused on what I am trying to achieve and to stay positive.”


“I decided to have coaching to explore my work career and make some decisions about how to shape it for the future.  I have learnt that giving in to negative feelings achieves nothing; giving up is no longer an option! I now have some useful tools to help me make decisions and structure my time in a more effective way.


I found it useful to have a particular area to focus on (i.e. my work career) because I wanted the coaching to achieve something. I wasn’t quite sure what that was at the beginning but went with it and it kind of emerged by itself. It made me realise that I needed support sorting out a whole load of conflicting feelings, values and priorities, which I feel I’ve now done. I’ve still got some difficult decisions to make but feel much calmer about the prospect of making them.”


Jo McKenzie, Training Consultant

Andrea West, Yoga Teacher

“Coaching has given me confidence, power, more self-worth, joy, patience, excitement for the future, a stronger connection to my higher self, fun times with myself, friends and family, and a cleaner to help with my housework!!”


“Since my coaching with Saskia I am more self-content and not searching as much on the outside of myself for success. I don’t feel guilty for not spending every spare minute with my children, as I can feel there is a balance in where my time is being spent. I am more confident in teaching yoga from my higher self rather than trying to please the students. I am patient with myself and with others.


Saskia is a very professional coach with a strong sense of intuition that “sees” your obstacles instantly. I couldn’t believe how quick I “travelled” on this journey! Coaching with Saskia has been an investment in my future, and is having a knock on effect with my children and my yoga students. It has helped everyone in my life.”


Andrea West, Yoga Teacher


It’s time to rediscover your fire and claim the life you want! What do you have to lose?  

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