Most of us go through phases of unhealthy eating (or a lifetime of it!) and need help kick-starting healthy habits again. Nourish yourself with deliciously healthy and energising clean foods and feel the difference in mind, body and spirit.  Your natural vitality awaits you with these easy-to-follow energy plans, full of yummy recipes and inspiring guidance!


GLOW - 7 Delicious Days of Clean Eating!

Raw Freedom's delicious DIY home detox. Kick-start your healthy eating and your energy right here! Treat yourself to this 7 day do-it-anytime cleanse, with delicious raw food and inspirational videos and audios to keep you motivated.

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Raw Revive

The Raw Revive - The High-Raw Weekend Detox

Raw Freedom's DIY weekend home pamper! The Raw Revive Weekend Detox is a a lovely, relaxing and energising weekend of quality you-time. Dip your toe into raw food, and spend a few days revitalising and re-energising yourself, mind, body and spirit. Sign up to our mailing list and try it for free, or click the link below for more info 🙂

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Vitality Detox

The Vitality Detox - 6 Weeks to Amazing Energy and Weight Loss

Raw Freedom's empowering online group detox! Your journey to having more energy and loving the skin you're in starts right here!  If you're ready to radically shift your energy levels and lose some weight then join our next 6-week Vitality Detox.

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