The Raw Interview: Best Selling Author and Health Coach Jesse van der Velde

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Jesse is a bit of legend in the raw food business world.  He was already a super successful author and health coach in Holland before he took over Detox Your World, one of the UKs top online raw food shops, from Shazzie a few years ago. An amazing testament to the quality of the work he does, he has over 120,000 newsletter subscribers.

He’s now busy setting up the Superfoodies brand (you may well have seen their new line of granolas already), as well as writing his first health books for us English speakers.  I, for one, can’t wait!

Jesse’s in-depth knowledge of gut health, hormones and superfoods is fascinating for anyone seeking deep-down wellness.  In our interview we talk about the relevance of hormone balance to our long term health, and how to achieve it naturally.  Hormones play a far greater role in our wellbeing than most of us understand, and Jesse is great at explaining it in an accessible way.  We also chatted about the importance of certain cooked foods for balanced health.  And, of course, lots more great stuff. Enjoy this dose of health-full inspiration!

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