Integrity is the Mother of Re-Invention

Salad with Flowers

So, after a crazy year of not quite knowing which way was up, as I started my journey of attempting to become a solo mum, I have finally found my feet again. Phew!  My yurt is now all set up for winter and feeling toasty and dry 🙂

I’m taking a break from the riggers of IVF for the winter, which means I am focusing once more on work and putting my gifts out into the world. It feels good!!  Enjoying my work as much as I do, and getting such a sense of fulfillment and satisfaction from connecting with my gorgeous clients, means that I have been reminded of my wider purpose in this world; namely to empower, inspire and restore energy and vitality to the women I call my tribe. As always, I am deeply grateful to have you as part of my community. Thank you!

My business baby, Raw Freedom, has mostly been in hibernation for the last few years, for a number of reasons. I haven’t had the focus or energy that I usually like to give to it, which is 110% of myself. Also, I have moved away from raw food in my own life, mostly due to health issues that I developed whilst travelling (which were made worse by the coldness and roughage of raw food) but also because I have enjoyed eating more cooked food.

So, in returning to the joy of my work I realised that it was time for a bit of a re-invention, or evolution, of what Raw Freedom means. For me, the name ‘Raw Freedom’ has always stood for a freedom of spirit and energy that isn’t just about the food we eat. It’s about an unadulterated desire to experience freedom from all that holds us back in life, physically, emotionally and spiritually. Raw Freedom is about wellness in all senses. Hurray!

As you know, I LOVE food! I’m now the proud author of 4 published clean-eating recipe books, with another in the pipeline. I’m ready to get back to sharing new recipes on a regular basis and am looking forward to getting my creations to you via my blog.

What will these new clean-eating recipes look like?

  • Super-healthy, made from wholefood ingredients.
  • Seasonal, so more cooked in winter and more raw in summer.
  • An emphasis on ingredients that are alkalising and clean.
  • Plant-based, with optional additions that aren’t plant-based, such as organic eggs, cheese, meat and fish – you’ll be able to easily adapt the recipes to suit you and your family’s dietary preferences.

As always, my aim with sharing my recipes is to inspire you to take care of yourself and those you love through delicious, nutritious food. Yum!

And, because I believe health is as much about the mind and heart as about food, I will continue to give you empowering access to my life coaching expertise, via my blog, free online life coaching workshops and one-to-one life coaching practice 

I’m looking forward to continuing this journey, learning to embody the essence of raw freedom together!

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