How to Build Your Emotional Strength

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When we experience mood swings, irritability, frustration and ‘lows’ on a regular basis, it can be incredibly exhausting and demoralising. The lack of consistency and unpredictability of such feelings can cause us to feel insecure and emotionally overwhelmed. Life throws all kinds of challenges our way, and when we are lacking in emotional strength, coping with them can seem impossible.

The majority of us don’t even know what it feels like to be emotionally balanced, due to the effects of poor diet and stress on our emotional state. Our bodies need the right ‘fuel’ in order to be able to function properly. We wouldn’t dream of putting milk in our petrol tanks or watering our plants with lemonade, so why should our attitudes to our own bodies be any different?

To gain emotional strength, it’s vital that firstly you clean up your diet by cutting out wheat, dairy products, sugar, caffeinated drinks and alcohol. Food that disagrees with us physically also has a negative impact on our emotions. If we know that certain foods sap our energy levels and make us feel sluggish and bloated, then it’s time to cut them out. This will cleanse your body and mind and allow you to start thinking more clearly.

Secondly, whenever you start to feel anxious or emotionally overwhelmed, listen to and respect these stress signals as your body’s way of saying ‘Enough! Slow down!’ Don’t try to be ‘Superwoman’ and continue pushing yourself when your body’s clearly telling you to stop. Remember, there’s nothing ‘super’ about overstretching yourself to the point of emotional burnout!

Lastly, get clear about boundaries in your relationships with work colleagues, friends and loved-ones. Remember, we are treated in the way that we allow ourselves to be treated. Relationships tend to work better when the boundaries are clear and people know exactly what to expect from each other. Once you have made your feelings clear, it’s also vital that you stand your ground. People respect and respond to consistency as well as conviction, so be sure to have the courage of yours.

Ultimately, emotional strength comes from respecting our minds and bodies enough to treat them with the unconditional love and care that they deserve. Only when we begin to treat ourselves more kindly do we gain the emotional strength to cope with life’s challenges. And only then we can truly begin to enjoy all of the wonderful gifts that life has to offer.

If you struggle with the idea of how to do this on your own, have courage and invest in help. I am rarely without a coach or therapist helping me learn how to be more emotionally honest and resilient. I want to shine and be the very best of myself in this life and it’s much easier to do this with guidance from an expert. Believe in your worth and do the same for yourself.

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