The Art of Healthy Relaxation

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Cherry Blossom

Relaxation is bliss!  Unfortunately relaxing is a rare pastime for most of us.

True relaxation is not something that is expected or respected in our culture.  Instead, the idea of relaxation has been translated into distraction; watching television; Facebook and surfing the internet; shopping; reading; coffee breaks; socialising; smoking; drinking.  It’s no wonder that we feel burnt out and exhausted so often!

Help from the Hammock

I’ve been surprised that, since we’ve been away, true relaxation seems nearly as hard to come by as it was at home.  What used to be keeping busy with all the practicals of life at home has now become keeping busy with all the practicals of life on the road.  I have consciously had to practice allowing myself to do nothing.  I bought a hammock.  Lying back and gently rocking under a canopy of leaves and light has helped me do nothing for many hours.  It got me thinking about relaxation and why we don’t allow ourselves to experience this blissful, healing state more often.

And… Relax

Deep relaxation has so many benefits for our health and wellbeing, and yet we often live in a state of near-permanent stress. Stress has been linked to many of the modern world’s worst diseases, including cancer and heart disease, as well as ailments that effect our daily health, such as high blood pressure, insomnia and joint pain.

Relaxing reduces the inflammatory acid in our systems, releases tension from our muscles and floods our bodies with feel-good hormones.  It gives us time to reconnect with ourselves and to find more helpful perspectives on difficult areas of our lives.  So, of course relaxation practices are integral to any holistic healing approach or lifestyle.

True relaxation is time to reconnect with our soul and our deeper needs.

The Most Effective Relaxation Techniques

There are many relaxation techniques, but the most important thing to know is what helps you to relax with the least effort.

  • When do you actually feel really, deeply relaxed? Soaking in the bath; walking by yourself in nature; meditating; doing yoga; swinging in a hammock; swimming in the sea?  List as many things as you can think of that do, or have the potential to, feel deeply relaxing for you.
  • What will you let go of (thoughts, beliefs, and activities) to make space for more relaxation time?

Time for a Stress Detox

See what it’s like to commit to 10 minutes of Stress Detox in the form of daily deep relaxation practice for 2 weeks.  Notice what changes you feel in yourself – mind, body and spirit.

Give yourself a beautiful gift and schedule relaxation time into your diary and… Breathe 🙂

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