Fun Steps to a Healthier Christmas

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Chocolate truffles

Christmas and New Year are notorious times of year for overindulgence.  We’ve all been there!  It was only when I started to eat a high raw diet that I didn’t feel it was obligatory to eat Quality Streets and a ton of mince pies at Christmas.  Putting on a stone and feeling sluggish and tired after the festivities used to be the price I paid for the fun of Christmas.

I am very happy to say that I find it much easier not to eat all the rubbish now.  I might still have the odd mince pie  but I don’t stuff my face or eat things that I don’t really want.  AND I don’t feel in any way, shape or form deprived!  I know how to listen to my body now, and the desire to eat cheese, roast potatoes and christmas cake has pretty much disappeared.

To give you inspiration to do Christmas a little differently this year, here are my fun steps to a healthier Christmas:

Be Adventurous – create a new tradition of Christmas fare that will leave you feeling energised and good about yourself.  There are so many fantastic raw dishes – make the festivities an excuse to create some of the more exotic raw recipes you’ve been wanting to try.  Mix up new raw dishes with traditional cooked Christmas dishes if you don’t want to go all-out raw.  Get your day of to a great start with a pint of green juice or smoothie.

Think ‘Abundance & Luxury’ – Make enough raw goodies to share with your friends and family when you go for drinks or share a meal.  Make or buy in raw chocolate instead of eating cooked chocolate full of refined sugar and fats.  Create a delicious raw cocktail such as Pear, Vanilla and Ginger Daiquiri or Fresh Grapefruit, Orange & Mint Juice with Sparkling Water – you can always top it up with a bit of alcohol too.

Relax – Whatever you do, remember that the best way to true health is holistic.  Relax, enjoy whatever you eat and be happy with whatever you manage to achieve towards a healthier celebration!

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