How to Overcome Stress and Overwhelm – a.k.a. Filling Up Your Well

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We women are pretty good at denying ourselves the activities in life that make us feel balanced, calm and cared for.

We work hard to facilitate others – bosses, loved ones, friends in need – but we rarely give that kind of attention and focus to ourselves. We put up with overwork, juggling priorities at home, stress and overwhelm without realising how much we are effecting our own well-being.

Filling Up Your Well

When you take care of yourself and nurture yourself, when you give yourself permission to slow down, to take a break, to take time for yourself, you are NOT being selfish. You are replenishing the internal stores that allow you to be the woman you want to be.

  • You are replenishing the stores so that you can juggle everything at work, and also have the clarity of mind to say “no” when you are already overloaded.
  • You are replenishing the stores so that you can continue to be Supermum, whilst also having the energy to be kind, loving and patient with your kids, even when you are tired.
  • You are replenishing the stores so that you can be emotionally and physically balanced, energised and healthy even when things are tough.

When is the Right Time?

When is the right time to prioritise your self-care?  The answer is… Today.  Now is the time to nourish yourself emotionally and spiritually, so that you can continue to give without sacrificing yourself.

Now is the time to let go of the self-denying excuses that you (and most of us women) use…

  • “I’m too busy”.
  • “It isn’t the right time, there’s too many other things happening”.
  • “I have to take care of the family/house/job first, then…”

Believe me, with these excuses there will NEVER be a right time to take care of and love yourself. You will never have the emotional balance, self-confidence and appreciation that you crave. And if you don’t give it to yourself, no-one else will.

Leading by Example

When you take care of yourself first you are capable of so much more, not only in terms of what you achieve but in the quality of how you feel and how you interact with others.

When you put your emotional and physical wellbeing first, that is when you are a true example to others, with your self-care, patience, courage and calm.  You are showing the women and girls in your life what it looks like to respect and honour yourself; how to be a women in charge of her life.

I challenge you to take extra time for yourself this week, and every week. Put your own needs first for just one hour each week. And do it well. Have a candlelit bubble bath and listen to your favourite music. Go for a walk – just you: no kids, no dogs. Buy yourself a new book and shut the door to your bedroom for an hour. Schedule a pedicure or that long-overdue haircut. Go to that yoga class you keep meaning to go to.

And even if you’re already pretty good at taking time for yourself, I challenge you to step it up. What else can you do to feed your soul and nurture your spirit even more?  It is amazing how much more in control of your life you feel when you take this precious time for yourself.

I dare you to be that woman – the woman in charge of her life. Start right this moment.  Be courageous, break the habit of self-denial and book time in your diary this week (and every week) to do lovely things, just for you.  Put it in your diary now…  You deserve it.

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  1. Niki mosely
    | Reply

    Hi Saskia -Thankyou for your blog -you are very inspirational! -Are you back in Bristol anytime soon ? If so can I book to see you for raw food make over/support ? Thanks Niki

    • Saskia
      | Reply

      Hi Niki – it’s lovely to hear from you! I’m away travelling in Latin America for the next few years, although I am running my online raw Vitality Detox groups whilst I’m away. People find them very supportive, so if you haven’t checked the Detox out yet then have a look here The next group starts in a few weeks and there are still a few super early bird places left 🙂 It would be lovely to have you with us! Saskia x

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