How to Get Family & Friends to Eat More Raw Food So You ALL Feel Great!

Family Eating An Al Fresco Meal

This is a biggy for a lot of us.  If you’re reading this, eating a high raw diet obviously makes a lot of sense to you.  You’ve probably experienced how amazing you can feel on it.  One of the big questions, however, is how are you going to maintain eating a healthy, high raw diet around your family and what will your friends think of raw?

It’s Personal

It’s really important to remember that deciding to eat more raw is a very personal decision.  It’s also a hugely exciting one full of amazing potential for creating a happier and healthier life for yourself. Your family and friends may think you’re odd at first, or even too extreme, but will end up being inspired when they see how healthy and vibrant you are.

The ‘Why’

Read up about why and how raw food works in case people are curious or sceptical.  When people ask me about why I eat a high raw diet, I tell them that ‘eating lots of raw food massively increases the amount of nutrients I get and lightens the digestive load on my body’s system.  That means more energy is available to heal and regenerate my cells’.  It’s simple but it makes sense to people.  Find out where you get your nutrients when eating raw food, as this is often a question people ask when they are concerned about how you’re eating.  Where do you get your protein/iron/calcium?  It’s good for you to know too!

The ‘How-To’ 

So, as you read my point by point guide of how to introduce your friends and family to raw food, remember it’s all about bringing more joy into your life, not feeling pressured by what you think others might think of you.  Be empowered in your health choices for everyone!

  • NEVER try and persuade anyone to try raw food if they aren’t already curious, including your kids!
  • When you’re eating at home with your family or friends, put your raw dishes and their cooked dishes on the table.  Let people help themselves to what they want.  Don’t have any expectations!  Try making half raw, half cooked dishes too – like Raw Pesto with Spaghetti and Courgette Ribbons mixed together.
  • Try and always have raw treats at hand for anyone who fancies a bit of sweetness with their tea or after meals (including you!).  Give them the option of trying one of your ‘delicious raw treats’
  • When you have friends round for tea, make a raw cake or energy balls to offer them instead of biscuits.  People are usually a bit curious to try new food, especially if it’s healthy for you
  • When you’re entertaining, put a mix of cooked and raw dishes on the table, or make it an exciting ‘raw dinner party’!  Only use recipes you’ve tried and tested and know are delicious!
  • Be an inspiration!  If you’re going out for a meal, suggest you go somewhere that has salad options.  Ask the chef to make you up a special salad if there isn’t anything very interesting on the menu.  I’ve had some of the best salads ever doing this – chefs love to get creative!  Make sure you explain that you only eat raw vegetables and fruits, for health reasons.
  • Make your raw dishes that look beautiful.  The desire to eat something is multi-sensual – sight, smell, taste, texture.  The way a dish looks is one of the strongest motivators of curiosity and desire to eat it for you, your friends and family
  • BE PATIENT!  Bide your time and have no expectations of people joining you.  Over time your friends and family will start to see raw food as more normal and start trying it without even noticing!  It took 2½ years for my husband, Mark, to start eating raw food, and he now loves it!

Remember that eating raw food is the incredible for your health and energy. Don’t let what others think stop you from embracing a lifestyle of vitality and wellbeing.  Don’t judge them for their way of living, but choose to live your life in the best way you know how.

And remember, have fun with it all!

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