The Powerful Affects of Detoxing in Sync with the Moon

moon phases

The idea that the moon has the power to influence our thoughts and behaviour has been around for thousands of years. The incredible gravitational pull of the moon causes the oceans to rise and fall, causing the changing of the tides.

Up to 65% of the human body is also made up of water so, if the moon has such a powerful effect on the Earth’s oceans, it makes sense that it would also have an effect on our watery selves.

How the Phases of the Moon Affect Us

Many of us find that our thoughts and emotions become heightened around the time of the full moon. Artistic people often say that they are at their most creative during the full moon period, while others find that it affects their sleep. When the moon is full, it often takes us longer to nod off than usual and when we do fall asleep, it is often a light and restless sleep.

Our body’s circalunar clock, which is our internal biological clock that works in harmony with the moon’s cycles, affects our normal rhythms much in the way that the circadian clock does.  Whilst the body’s circadian clock is regulated by the phases of sunlight throughout the day, our circalunar clock it’s regulated by the phases of the moon throughout the month.

Living in Harmony with the Moon’s Cycles

I remember that my grandfather always had his hair cut when the moon was waning – he said it made his hair grow more slowly.  I have since discovered that this ancient knowledge is practiced by peoples who live closely connected with nature’s rhythms.  Similarly, if you want your hair to grow more quickly, you can have your haircut as the moon is waxing (growing bigger).

Many women find that their menstrual cycles become synchronised with the moon’s natural cycle of waxing and waning, and the body’s capacity for cleansing is also stronger at certain times of the moon cycle than others.

It’s clear that the moon affects us in more ways than we might think, and this is why some people choose to detox at certain times of the moon’s cycle – as a way of working in harmony with our bodies natural rhythms.

When is the Best Time to Start a Detox?

Starting a detox on or just after a full moon is the best time.  The moon’s waning period is when our body’s capacity to cleanse and detoxify itself is at its greatest.  By the time of the new moon our body’s healing powers and ability to eliminate toxins reach their peak.

While detoxing at any time of the year has fabulous rewards in itself, it’s great when we cleanse in harmony with the moon’s cycles because the rewards are even greater 🙂  Try it for yourself and see!

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