Moral Support on the Raw Food Journey

Over recent years, our attitude towards the way that we eat has started to shift. We’ve become more aware than ever before of the negative impact that eating processed foods and animal products has on our health, emotions and the environment. As people begin to look for a better alternative, many have found themselves drawn to … Read More

3 Easy Raw Food Energy Tips

Have a smoothie for breakfast Cut out energy depleting foods Eat more salad 🙂 Nowadays, the majority of us lead incredibly busy lives. There are so many demands made on our time that life can often end up feeling like one long juggling act. It can be extremely difficult trying to achieve a balance between work … Read More

Where to Get All Your Nutrients on a Raw Diet

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Protein, carbohydrate, iron, calcium, B12, essential fatty acids – can you get enough of them when you’re eating raw food?   When you start eating raw food one of the most common questions you get asked is “where are you getting your protein/iron/calcium?” etc. Protein People associate protein with animal based products, but in fact certain raw … Read More

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