The Confessions of a Wannabe Perfectionist

The Confessions of a Wannabe Perfectionist Travelling The Length of Latin America with Some Barely Used Fancy Dress and an Art Box…. First off, I should say that this is my confession to you, my beloved tribe of happiness seekers. Second off, I should say that ‘wannabe’ perfectionist is actually wrong – it’s more like ‘used-to-wannabe’, … Read More

The Top 10 Most Toxic Foods & What to Eat Instead

We all know that some foods are better for us than others, but some are particularly bad for our long term wellbeing. These foods acidify our bodies, making them ripe for disease, suppressing our immune systems, depleting our energy and often causing mild to major allergic reactions that compromise our health. When we talk of immunosuppression … Read More

A Dinner Menu to Wow and This Week’s Yummy Recipe: Chocolate Cardamom Mousse

Healthy entertaining… this sounds like a bit of an oxymoron, I know.  We tend to associate entertaining our friends and family with excess and extravagance on the food and booze front.  Out comes the wine, the cream, butter, sugar, the meat or fish and cheese. What I know from my years of eating and entertaining with … Read More

Super Simple Lunch or Supper – This Week’s Recipe Video: Carrot & Coriander Soup

Today’s recipe is one of the delicious soup recipes from my recipe book ‘Raw Freedom’.  It takes 5 minutes to make this classic with a raw twist. If  you serve it warm with fresh bread or toast you’ll be amazed at who loves it (raw-lover or not 🙂 ) My News This is my very last blog … Read More

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