Superfood Smoothie Mix

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This weekend I’m going up to London with my best friend (Justine, from Green Heart Kitchen) for a few days of culture, to celebrate her 50th birthday. What an amazing achievement, 50 years on this big, beautiful planet – congratulations Jus!! I haven’t been to London for ages, and I’m looking forward to being in the big … Read More

The Confessions of a Wannabe Perfectionist

The Confessions of a Wannabe Perfectionist Travelling The Length of Latin America with Some Barely Used Fancy Dress and an Art Box…. First off, I should say that this is my confession to you, my beloved tribe of happiness seekers. Second off, I should say that ‘wannabe’ perfectionist is actually wrong – it’s more like ‘used-to-wannabe’, … Read More

Okay gorgeous people!  It’s GIVEAWAY TIME!!  

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This Giveaway is now over, but read on to find out what it was all about… To celebrate your commitment to nourishing yourself beautifully on our 30-Day Raw Breakfast Challenge, I’m giving away a place on our New Year Vitality Detox! The New Year Vitality Detox is an online group cleanse that will kick start your healthy eating … Read More

Kicking Coffee with This Week’s Recipe: Superpower Superfood Coffee Substitute

Coffee can be a hard habit to kick, but I’ve found that many of my clients find it a lot easier when they have an alternative.  Coffee, more often than not, is a ritual habit.  It’s the early morning ritual.  Or the mid-morning ritual.  Or the I’m-exhausted-and-I-need-a-treat ritual.  When you acknowledge this ritual aspect of coffee … Read More

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