What I Eat for Supper

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Getting home after a long day at work is a killer for inspiration.  It often feels easier to cook up something familiar than to try something new and raw.  When I first got into raw food, dinner was the most challenging meal to eat healthily.  I’d be eating pretty much raw all day and I just … Read More

3 Secrets to Getting Raw Right

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The idea of introducing more raw food in to your diet can be exciting and daunting. The rewards make it worth it!  More energy, a brain that’s clear and sharp, emotional balance, not to mention glowing skin, weight loss and feeling happier – what’s not to love? No two people arrive at their perfect lifestyle diet … Read More

Why Eating Raw Makes You Feel Great

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So you’ve heard the rumours then?  Eating raw food not only makes you feel great because you have more energy, but eating a balanced high raw food diet also helps you feel happy, calm and in control of your life; it gives you clarity and focus AND helps you reach your natural body weight while looking … Read More

The Self Loving Approach to Raw Food

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If you’re eating raw food already, or thinking that you want to start eating more raw food, then you’re already expressing a greater level of self care than many people.  Eating raw food in itself is self-loving.  It’s one big step towards loving yourself enough to give yourself what you need to be healthy and happy.  … Read More

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