Healthy Cooking Tips and This Week’s Recipe: Dairy-Free Cauliflower Cheeze

Today’s recipe looks like serious comfort food, and if you didn’t know me better you might think it was full of cheese and cream 🙂  Actually, this is my totally delicious dairy-free, plant-based take on on cauliflower cheese – an old favourite of mine.  This healthy version graces my table frequently in cold weather because it hits … Read More

The Top 10 Most Toxic Foods & What to Eat Instead

We all know that some foods are better for us than others, but some are particularly bad for our long term wellbeing. These foods acidify our bodies, making them ripe for disease, suppressing our immune systems, depleting our energy and often causing mild to major allergic reactions that compromise our health. When we talk of immunosuppression … Read More

25 Signs of a Toxic System

We all feel a little under the weather sometimes. We might feel more tired than usual and find that we are more prone to catching coughs and colds. Often we’ll put it down to stress or a lack of sleep. Most people have no idea just how much what we eat and drink effects our everyday … Read More

Are You Dairy Intolerant + Dairy-Free Cheese & Onion Superfood Sandwich Recipe

  I love cheese, but cheese does not love me. I was thrilled when I first discovered the raw vegan alternative to dairy cheese. It gave me access to that cheesy flavour without the nausea and spots that plagued my previously dairy-fuelled life. If only I’d known I just needed to cut out dairy when I … Read More

How to Kick that Sugar Habit and This Week’s Recipe:  Coconut Fridge Macaroons

Most people are aware that refined sugar is really bad for them.  Its highly addictive nature is incredibly detrimental to our long term emotional well-being and physical health. Refined sugar acidifies the body, increasing the risk of diseases such as cancer, heart disease and diabetes, not to mention being a leading cause of weight gain and obesity. … Read More

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