How to Kick that Sugar Habit and This Week’s Recipe:  Coconut Fridge Macaroons

Most people are aware that refined sugar is really bad for them.  Its highly addictive nature is incredibly detrimental to our long term emotional well-being and physical health. Refined sugar acidifies the body, increasing the risk of diseases such as cancer, heart disease and diabetes, not to mention being a leading cause of weight gain and obesity. … Read More

Super Simple Lunch or Supper – This Week’s Recipe Video: Carrot & Coriander Soup

Today’s recipe is one of the delicious soup recipes from my recipe book ‘Raw Freedom’.  It takes 5 minutes to make this classic with a raw twist. If  you serve it warm with fresh bread or toast you’ll be amazed at who loves it (raw-lover or not 🙂 ) My News This is my very last blog … Read More

Spice up Your Weekend Raw Recipe: Chilli sin Carne with Cashew Creme Fraiche

I created today’s recipe, Chilli sin Carne with Cashew Creme Fraiche, for my last workshop.  You may have seen me raving about the recipe on Facebook around that time, because I couldn’t believe quite how delicious it was.  I’ve been eating this Chilli at least once a week ever since 🙂 There’s a bit of simple preparation the night … Read More

This Week’s Recipe Video: Dreamie Indian Green Smoothie

Green smoothies have the power to change your life (you’ll know that if you already have them regularly).  They are quick, easy and a natural multi-vitamin and mineral supplement that your body can benefit from instantly. A morning green smoothie a day will help to balance your blood sugar, calm unhealthy food cravings, give you gorgeous … Read More

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