Raw Food Retreat in Arizona – I’m so excited!

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I’m planning my trip to Arizona in January.  I’ve realised that Tucson (where I’m going for my spiritual business retreat) is only an hour away from the Tree of Life, Gabriel Cousens’ centre.  He is definitely one of my raw heroes!  The way that he combines raw food health science and the spirituality of life’s journey … Read More

Satisfying Raw Suppers for Cosy Evenings

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Most of us are so used to having a heavy, starch and protein laden meal in the evenings that it’s quite a psychological hurdle to eating a raw supper.  It may seem like a raw vegetable dish just isn’t going to satisfy us or fill us up.  Even if we aren’t physically hungry after a raw … Read More

Raw Food Lunch Made Easy

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If you want to start eating raw lunches or are bored of eating Salad, then get ready to be inspired!  You’ll find it easy to get creative and try out these quick ideas for satisfying and delicious mid-day meals. What I eat for my Raw Lunch My lunches tend to be quite similar because I love my Salad, but … Read More

Raw Food, Pregnancy and Ceremony

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Last month in my newsletter I mentioned being asked to be at a friend’s birth.  Well, I’ve been thinking about getting in the right space to give her the support she needs.  She’s into raw food too so I’ve decided to honour our friendship by tapping into the spiritual and intuitive state that eating 100% raw gives you.  … Read More

Raw Food Breakfast – Start Your Day Right!

Most of us have heard, at one time or another, that breakfast is the most important meal of the day.  This is definitely true when eating a raw diet but not in the conventional cooked diet sense, where eating a large breakfast is supposed to kick start your metabolism and set you up for the day.  The raw food movement’s understanding of the assimilation … Read More

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