Superfood Smoothie Mix

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This weekend I’m going up to London with my best friend (Justine, from Green Heart Kitchen) for a few days of culture, to celebrate her 50th birthday. What an amazing achievement, 50 years on this big, beautiful planet – congratulations Jus!! I haven’t been to London for ages, and I’m looking forward to being in the big … Read More

Warm Quinoa Salad

My Beautiful Mum I’ve just got back from a month in beautiful Argentina (check out my photos on Facebook).  My time out there was a mix of tough, beautiful and love-filled. I feel very blessed to have a mum who is a total inspiration to me. In her 70s, newly in love (3 years), and now dealing with … Read More

Festive Overnight Oats

Thank G for Flexible Working Conditions You may have seen me post on Facebook that I’m in beautiful Argentina on a last-minute trip to support my mum and stepdad, who is unfortunately unwell. I am so deeply grateful for a job-flexibility that allows me to up-sticks and travel where I need to be, without losing my ability to … Read More

Asian Style Peas with Broccoli and Avocado

Plant-Based (mostly) Today’s recipe is the first of many new deliciously cooked recipes that I’m planning 🙂 It’s super-simple, quick to make and a great addition or introduction to your plant-based recipe repertoire. Although I’m not vegan, the way that I describe my preferred way of eating is ‘plant-based with non plant-based additions’, which basically means mostly vegan … Read More

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