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Raw Food Detox & Retreat Holidays

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Neals Yard, retreat location

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Do you want to feel connected and at peace within yourself?

Are you ready for some more raw food inspiration?

Would you love to have a new, positive and inspiring experience?

If you’re answer is ‘yes’ and you’re ready to start creating a fresher, brighter, more energised version of yourself and your life, then our raw food detox retreats are what you need.

How many times do we dream of having a holiday like this? Time spent amongst like-minded souls and space to feel whole and connected?

You’ve been guided to this page because now is the time to choose to make this dream a reality for yourself, among friends.

As you may already know, it’s my mission to help women find their place of alignment, peace and inner strength and I hope that a raw food detox retreat is part of the journey for you. Here’s some of what you can expect to experience (dependant on where the retreat is being held):

  • Experience Delicious 100% Raw Food Meals
  • Detoxify With Holistic Massage
  • Release Tension with Yoga (for all levels)
  • Be Inspired By Life-Balance Coaching with Saskia
  • Feel Motivated by Relaxed Raw Prep Classes
  • Connect With Nature On Gentle Walks
  • Unwind With Quality Time To Yourself
  • Meet like-Minded People on their journey of self-discovery
  • Be Soothed by Gentle Meditation

Are you feeling relaxed just thinking about it? I am and I can’t wait to be on my next retreat!

If this sounds like a slice of heaven to you please book your place as soon as possible. It would be wonderful to have you with us!

Raw Freedom’s raw food detox retreats focus on allowing you the physical and emotional space to be who you truly are, with all your fears, hopes and desires for the future, without fear of judgement.

We provide for you a safe space to explore where you are in your life and how you would like to feel and experience your life in the future, giving you exciting tools to start manifesting a more inspiring and balanced life from this moment on.

During our retreats, days of relaxation, rejuvenation and raw food fill you with inspiration and good nutrition. Come and be pampered, have your spirit soothed and your mind inspired with us whilst having your raw food detox holiday.

“I have had a great weekend from beginning to end. There is no one element that I have enjoyed more or less than the other – it has all been fab!”

June Doubleday, Colchester


Raw Freedom’s Detox Holidays and Raw Food Retreats

The decision to make the space in your life for a detox holiday will be one of the best decisions you make this year.
So often we put our needs to one side for the sake of other commitments such as family, friends and work. But the time that you give to yourself on retreat is solely for you, to be pampered and to get back in touch with who you truly are.